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Exclusive Love Letter Closing To help You Close Your Letter Romantically

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Sep 10, 2020
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When writing a love letter, apart from the body of the letter, One needs to consider which conclusion should he or she like to use. We want to show you how to close a love letter to help you write and close your letter without stress. Here are enough love letter closing to help and create a lasting bond between you two.

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Love Letter Closing

Love Letter Closing

* Adoringly yours,
* Affectionately yours,
* Affectionately,
* Especially yours,
* Eternal,
* Eternally Yours,
* Forever and always,
* Kiss ya,
* Kisses,
* Hug ya,
* Hugs and pogo sticks! (my personal favorite),
* Hugs, kisses, and broken fingers,
* Hugs and kisses,
* Love, peace, and chicken grease,
* Love you now and forever,
* Love, hugs and kisses,
* Love you,
* Love ya,
* Love your friend,
* Love you so much,
* Love always,
* Lustfully yours,
* Luv ya,
* Much love,
* One Love,
* Sweet Kisses,
* With purest love,
* Xoxo,
* Wanting you more,
* “Your girl” always,
* All my love,
* All my love forever,
* Always,
* Always and forever,
* Always and truly,
* Always in my heart,
* Always your baby,
* Always yours,
* Can”t wait to see you again,
* Eternally yours,
* Forever my love,
* Forever yours,
* Forgive me please,
* Hoping to see you soon,
* I am forever yours,
* I love you very, very much,
* I will love you always,
* I”ll love you always,
* Longing to see you again,
* Lots of love,
* Love always and forever,
* Love and best wishes,
* Love and kisses,
* Love and many kisses,
* Love forever,
* Love you,
* Loving you always,
* Loving you always and forever,
* Loving you with all my heart,
* Many thanks,
* Missing you,
* Missing you already,
* Missing you every moment,
* My Best,
* My heart belongs to you always,
* Patiently yours,
* Regards,
* Remembering us,
* Remembering us the way we were,
* See you soon (just not too soon),
* Sending you all my love,
* Soon to be your wife,
* Still thinking of you,
* Thank you for caring,
* Thanks again for yesterday,
* Thanks for understanding,
* Thinking of you,
* Unabashedly yours,
* Unconditionally yours,
* With affection,
* With all my love,
* With appreciation,
* With hope and love,
* With love,
* With love and anticipation,
* With love and expectation,
* With love and kisses,
* Written hopefully,
* You have all my love,
* You know I love you,
* Your darling,
* Your devoted lover,
* Your endless love,
* Your eternal soul mate,
* Your faithful hubby,
* Your hubby,
* Your love always,
* Your loving,
* Your wife always,
* Yours always,
* Yours and only yours

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The Last Things You Can Say At The End Of Your Love Letter

You should choose your last words as carefully as you chose your salutation. A standard closing will leave your lover with an anticlimactic feeling. For example, a letter that ends with “Sincerely” will not make as much of an impression on your partner as “Yours for eternity.” To help ease you through this final step, here are plenty to choose from:

  • Yours truly
  • Yours devotedly and lovingly
  • I hold you in my thoughts
  • I love you the most
  • Yours forever
  • Most faithfully yours
  • Affectionately
  • More than words
  • Your loving partner
  • Much, much love
  • All my heart

There you have it – the recipe for writing a simple love letter. Write your letter on a beautiful card, scented stationery, or even on the back of a paper napkin you picked up while you and your lover were together. You can be sure that your beloved will cherish your love letter forever.

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