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funny get well soon message

Nobody loves that terrible experience of sickness, so if you have a friend,sibling, loved ones or partner who is currently on the sick bed you should know they would be definitely having some bad time, well you could make it fun for them by sending them a funny get well soon message or a funny get well soon meme as this will without doubt help them forget their pains and might be the lucky charm they need to get of that annoying sickbed. get better soon meme and get well soon funny.

funny get well soon message

Don’t hesitate to choose from our well and carefully written list of Funny Get Well Soon Messages, Meme , poems and wishes Below:

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages.

Laughter offers you the quickest recoveries of all – the kind of joke they tell you when you’re lying on a hospital bed with a zombie face. Get well soon!

Writing these several lines in order to encourage you, because I know you a nervous person. Have a very quick recovery and feel good soon.

You must be enjoying all the attention of people towards you. Get well soon because I need some attention too. Get well soon and come back. We are all waiting to know how hospital food tastes like.

Try not to think of it as a hospital stay. Think of it as a spa package that includes meals, regular health evaluations and jello cubes.

Hoping for your complete recovery, because I don’t want to come to the hospital for a second time! Your stupid illness is robbing me of attention. Get well soon.

Medicine can fix your pain but cannot fix your ugly face. So dear, don’t waste your time lying on that hospital bed. Get well and come back soon!

If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now! Sorry your sick day is due to actual sickness.

Hoping for your complete recovery, because I can’t be bothered to come to the hospital for a second time! Get well soon so we can make fun of you again and not feel bad.

I had bought some of your favorite chocolates but your doctor said you are not allowed to eat them. So, will you get well soon or I eat them all?

How long will it take to get you well? It’s raining outside and I’m missing the football game with you. Please feel good soon.

I told your mom that I’m praying for your quick recovery. So, get well soon and make my prayers true, otherwise I’ll stop doing so.

Now and again I believed that you are some sort of strong, however now I realize that you are human as well. Get well when possible.

Being sick is just your body’s way of telling you you’re way too awesome, and you need to slow down so everyone else can catch up. I may not be a doctor… but they do say that duct tape fixes everything!

Take all the time you need to recover. Your work will be here whenever you feel better. It will just be piled up extremely high on your desk.

In the event that I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That is the reason I’m appealing to God for you to get well now!

How long will it take to get you well? It’s raining outside and I’m missing the football game with you. Please feel good soon.

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Funny Get Well Soon Quotes

I worry that when you get all our warm regards your fever will increase further. Just kidding! Get well and get back soon!

You don’t look great when you are ill. So get well in a hurry so that you look attractive again! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I am looking for a magician to fix that broken leg of yours. You don’t have to spend so many weeks in recovery! Just kidding! I wish you a speedy recovery.

I’ve waved my magic wand to make it all better…what’s taking so long? Sorry, you had to eat hospital food.

Now that you are under house arrest, you will get all the lawful punishments you deserve! It’s time to get all the bed rest and fluids that you deserve so much! Wishing you to get well soon!

Another chance to sleep in for you? Some folks will go to great lengths to get some extra shut-eye. All kidding aside, get well soon!

I wish you to make a speedy recovery. You know I need to borrow some money! Don’t you know that you are the only bank I take loans from! So get well dear!

Falling ill is a great way to get paid off. I wish you enjoy your beauty sleep while funding our poor doctors! I wish you a quick recovery!

Sometimes I thought that you are some kind of invincible, but now I know that you are human too. Get well as soon as possible.

Maybe you forgot to clean yourself that is why you are infected with so much viruses and bacteria. Let me disinfect you.

I knew you were desperately looking for a time-off, but this one seems painfully long for us. Please dear, recover your lazy ass and come back to us!

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages Text.

I believe I should warn you beforehand that your laziness has piled up a lot of work for me to do, so hurry up and help me with it!

No sickness in the world has the power to keep someone as strong willed as you down. Get better soon.

I wonder why there aren’t any portions for healing in the real world, because if they were, I would’ve gotten you one a long time ago! Fast recovery soon my friend!

Even superman has a weakness. Though you are feeling weak now, know that you will be strong again. Until then, may peace be with you.

Congrats you finally managed to get sick. Now, enjoy the royal treatment. Lucky you! If all the doctors are as hot as yours, I will choose to be sick every day.

Wishing you a speedy recuperation since we have a major match one week from now. I figure you likewise would prefer not to miss it too.

In case you’re wondering, I sent those flowers for the nurse, not for you! Just kidding! Hope you feel better soon by seeing them!

Everyone tells you to get better, but no one will ever tell you how. I know the secret: sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

I can’t believe that you fell and broke your ankle. Don’t let those crutches make you lazy! You still have to clean your room. Get better soon!

I was thinking the whole night that if you weren’t that much beautiful then that virus might have left you alone. I’m so happy that I’m not good looking like you. Anyway, get well soonest.

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Feel Better Get Well Soon Funny.

Sending all the warmest regards so that you feel the warmness of fever twice. Just kidding dear. Feel good soon.

I think you were the one telling me your digestive system can adapt to just any food. I think I can bet that the hospital food has prove you wrong. Get well soon, I will be waiting with fresh non-hospital food at the door.

Did you know that you really snore? The nurse told me the other day that the other patients could not sleep because of you. Get well. Come home. We at home are used to it.

If you haven’t eaten those ice creams without me then may be fever wouldn’t come this severely. Happy ice cream eating now fast recovery soon.

I think I know why they often paint hospital white. I think it has something to do with white being a good background for pictures. Put on a smile, we would take a picture once you get well enough to leave.

I saw what they give you to eat every day, now I get why you aren’t getting better! Hope you feel good soon so that you can come back to eat the veggies!

In as much as having you out of our hair for a while has been fun, I think it is high time we got you back. Get well soon. We miss your trouble.

Your absence cannot be tolerated anymore, because I don’t have anyone to fight now, Missing your annoying and bad sense of humor, so feel better soon!

If I have to count the number of times I have imagined hearing you walk into the house, I would have been admitted into the hospital a long time ago. Please get well soon so I stop hearing things.

After swallowing all those pills day in, day out, I doubt your tongue knows how real food tastes at this point. Get well.

Funny Get Well Soon Poems.

1. As your friend

I am going to act the part too

I will do everything it takes

In sickness, to comfort you

So relax and focus on your recovery

Just rest easy and calm down

Whether it is night or day

I will always be around

Get well soon

2. Hello, my friend; You’re on my mind,
Because you’re somehow ailing,
But your response to any challenge
Has always been unfailing.

So I’m confident you’ll win again;
Hang in there, and you’ll see;
You’ll be back on top in no time,
Tackling life courageously.

3. I wish all your pain and suffering goes far away,
I wish you get to see a brighter and happier day.

I want my enthusiastic and bubbly friend back again,
I miss your old self so much that it is driving me insane.

What is life without you my dearest friend?
I promise to watch your back till the very end.

I pray that you get well really very soon my dear,
And bring back the wonderful glow of your vibrant cheer.

4. May you be well.
May you be cleansed and purified
of all that isn’t health.
May every cell in your body
wake up and fight.
May the powerful light of healing
move into every part of you.
May you return to being purely you.
May you be well.

5. Why did the germs

Have to take over your body

They could have taken mine instead

Just say the word, I’ll swap readily

I feel totally helpless right now

I can’t bear to see you suffer

Every time we speak on the phone

In pity and plight, my body withers

I guess this is a part and parcel

Of being friends with someone so sweet

I can’t wait till the day you feel better

So I can take you out for a treat

Get well soon…

Funny Get Well Soon Cards After Surgery.

I know it’s hard being laid up after surgery, but I’m sure you’re going to come back stronger than ever. Get well soon, my friend!

Here’s hoping your recovery from surgery goes down as smoothly as the painkillers and comfort food will, get well soon !!!

I really wanted to write something cheery and funny on this “Get Well Soon” card, but there’s really nothing funny at all. So here’s all my support, I wish you a speedy recovery!

I’m sure you’re driving all the nurses crazy as you recover from your surgery. Hopefully you’ll soon be back to doing what you really want to be doing – driving me crazy.

Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better and know that you’re surrounded by caring hot nurses. Take time and rest easy. Get well.

When an illness knocks you on your ass, you should stay down and relax for a while before trying to get back up.

I heard your recovery from surgery was going well. Keep up the fight. This disease doesn’t know who it’s messing with!

I know this procedure was necessary, but you gotta get back into action soon. Life isn’t as much fun without you!

The best part about having surgery is that you get to be served and taken care of by everybody. In a way, it’s even better than a vacation! Get well soon!

Getting surgery is hard, but I’m sure it will improve your quality of life in the long run. I hope you’re feeling better now, and I can’t wait to see you get back to your normal routine.

You know that an apple is really handy for you, You need to eat it every day, Because it will keep your boredom at bay, So, why are you are feeling sick? Get well soon!

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