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Funny Good Morning Messages

Funny Good Morning Messages – Sending out a good morning message to your partner is without doubt one of the ways to show to them how special and how much they mean to you.

So when you have a partner with a huge sense of humor you can send them a Funny Good Morning Messages  that will crack them up and still make them feel as special as they are.

Funny Good Morning Messages
Funny Good Morning Messages

To help with that we have made some funny list of funny good morning messages for him ,funny good morning messages for friends, funny good morning messages for girlfriend, funny good morning sms text messages and funny good morning message for wife. We hope you find the perfect one for them as you read through below:

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Funny Good Morning Messages

Good morning. Have a cup of coffee and start your engines because it’s still a long way before you reach the weekend.

Smile right when you wake up because soon enough, you’ll realize it’s not weekend yet. Good morning!

Good Morning my sweetest love. My night was cold, but the thought of you gave me warmth. I miss you like never before my queen. Enjoy and have a beautiful day like your looks.

If the world was kind to me, it would have slept like an Olympic discipline. Good morning to everyone living in this cruel, unjust world.

Good Morning to a friend who starts each day by asking important questions: Should I get up at ten or eleven? Is there pizza left over from last night? Have a good day, deep thinker!

You are so lucky I am not your morning alarm clock; I’d kick you out of bed with cold water just to piss you off. May your bed kick you into the shower so you won’t be late this morning.

Always harbor positivity in your mind because you will never find it in the real world. Good morning. Have a great day!

Your morning should begin with a message from a friend who really cares about you…but that’s not happening, today! Take care, I guess!

Hey! My night has been enjoyable. As you were sleeping so peacefully, I was on the battle field fighting all the mosquitoes in my room. Glad I won to see the daylight.

The saddest part of the morning is waking up realizing its not a holiday. Gonna spend the whole day with the same old routine. Good morning!

Good Morning to someone who sets, when the sun rises, and rises, when the sun sets! Pretty sure you’ve got that backwards, friend! Have a nice nap!

How can someone so lazy be this tired each and every morning? I hope you have a bed in your office because it looks like you’ll need one. Wake up!!

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Funny Good Morning Messages For Him

Funny Good Morning Messages. for him

I love to kiss you on the lips early in the morning but darling, you really need to brush your teeth at first. Good morning!

I want to love you forever, I want your love too, I can die without you in my life, so please I need more of your love and affection. Good morning.

Go back to sleep, since you want to sleep the whole day. And I’ll be waiting for your good morning text. Good morning, babe.

What a morning with you, you are always in my heart, love you and wish am your only sweetheart, love to see you, my boo, Good morning.

Good morning dear. Let’s welcome one more day in our life in which we try our best to put up with each other. Best wishes to you!

Wake up and shine till you disgrace the sun. But know that you can not outshine me. Good morning to you, honey.

I can climb the highest mountain to scream your name my husband; your love is sweetening my heart. Good morning.

Good luck to your waking up at the noon, reading this good morning text on your phone, and then going back to sleep again thinking it’s still early in the morning

My sweetie, having you is the biggest thing that has happened to me, you are all that matters to my life. I will always love you, my love. Good morning.

It’s morning and I wanted you to wake up to this text, so you’ll feel like a Superman. Good morning to you, darling.

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Funny Good Morning Messages For Friends

Good Morning to someone I would like to consider to be a friend. Hey you better don’t get too excited. I stated that I would like to.

They say the earliest bird catches the worm; luckily you are not a bird for you’d die of starvation. You’d be a worm instead so you could have a reason to sleep. Wake up!

A friend is someone who you think of right when you wake up. Yes, I was thinking of you and wondering if you were alive or not. Good morning!

Wake up and be thankful because I’m your friend. Because you’ll never have a better friend than me. Good morning!

Friend, I am sending you a Good Morning message, even though you are probably asleep! And will be, in the afternoon, and at night! Seriously, are you ever awake?

They say each morning is a blessing, but with the alarm you have it is definitely a curse for you. I wouldn’t sleep if I knew I’d be woken up with sirens. Enjoy your day!

Good Morning to my friend! Here is to forgetting about responsibilities and relaxing, all day! You know, the same thing that you do, every day!

You’re definitely not the kind of person who wakes up early in the morning and sends a good morning text to a friend. So, I’m the one who’s playing the role. Good morning!

The way you manage to sleep through the night and half through morning baffles me, you must have been bitten by a tsetse fly once upon a time. Anyway, enjoy your sleep full morning.

You know I’m a true peacekeeper, but let me finish my coffee first and nobody gets hurt! Have a Good Morning afterwards!

Morning Messages For Her Funny

Funny Good Morning Messages. for her

I know how addicted you are to your phone, so I kept this here, so it will be the first thing you see when you wake up. Turns out your addiction is a good thing after all. Good morning, babe.

The time flies from the point the alarm sounds, so when you sit for breakfast, but why does it seem to crawl when you are at work?! Have a good time babe.

The next time you’ll wake up to see me beside you is when you credit my bank account. Good morning to you, honey.

I can’t tell you how much I love to stay in my bed and keep texting you but the alarm clock is yelling so loud and a mug of coffee is waiting for me. Good morning!

Good morning you stupid human, fart-brain, cheese ball… what? That’s how you know we’re good friends: we can call each other anything and still be LFF’s.

When I set my eyes on you, my heart skips a beat. Your love makes me a zombie. Remember my mind is set on you only. Have a sweet day my sweet love.

Your kiss is my most favorite thing in the morning, besides your hug. Am I getting them today or not? Good morning sweetheart!

Mornings can be a time that mood swings do not require an explanation! Have yourself a moody-free day!

I might just tell you to wait till we marry before you get a serious good morning message from me. Good morning, sweetheart.

Funny Good Morning Messages For Boyfriend

Thank God you’re my boyfriend. I’d have broken your skull for waking up late on a day like this. Good morning, baby.

Good morning my love. Enjoy both sunny sides; the one outside your window curtains, and the one on your breakfast plate!

Your good morning text is my motivation to start every day. Don’t ever forget to text me in the morning unless you want to have a bad day! Good morning!

I want you to know that you look more handsome while you sleep. Now, good morning to your less handsome face.

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You’re a charming prince in my dreams but a nightmare in my mornings. That’s why I love to sleep so much. Good morning!

I woke up today with the best morning eulogies meant for no one but you, but I have totally forgotten them! So I will just say GOOD MORNING!

I want to kiss you, lick you, bite you, and to make sure I eat every bit of you. My sweet buffalo meat. I really miss it. Have a lovely day.

I detest that nights don’t last forever. Now, look at us having to separate for hours because of work and some other daily activities. Good morning, dear.

Good morning there! I have got a surprise for you; just make sure you get back from the meeting with your boss alive! I love you.

Don’t be too lazy to wake up in the morning, you’ll find everything that’s good about it gone, even the beautiful girl you want to marry. Just a warning!

Funny Good Morning Message For Wife

Can’t wait to hold you in my arms tonight. You are all I need to be comfortable. My Bed is cold and I need your warmth my sweet blanket. Just enjoy your day.

Now that you’re awake, run to where I am and get a kiss that will blow your mind. Good morning to you my lovely wife.

The best wife ever, the true and sincere lover, the best chef in the universe, good morning my love. You are all I wish for. Have a wonderful day.

Good morning my lovely wife, you are irreplaceable in my heart, life is incomplete without you. I wish you a peaceful morning.

I present you my heart just like the Head of John the Baptist was presented to the Kings daughter and If you need my head too I will make sure you have it. Good morning dear wife.

Would love to do this every day, but life is too sweet for that commitment. Good morning to you, sweetheart.

Happy to know that you woke up well and sound, you are all I think of all through the night, good morning my lovely wife.

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Funny Good Morning SMS Text Messages

Funny Good Morning Messages
Funny Good Morning SMS Text Messages

Sending you a good morning message in the wake of the day and hoping it’s not the only GOOD you see today.

This is to remind you that there’s another twenty-four hours ahead to experience earth again. Good morning to you.

Just to sleep and wake up with you by my side is all I care about; having you by side first in the morning is a lot of good luck, thank you for being there, good morning.

You are wonderfully and beautifully made by the goddess of the night who seduces you to sleep through the morning. Resist her today and get more success.

Sending a Good Morning message to a workmate who is experienced in management! You manage to be late, you manage to never finish anything, you manage to

You don’t look too good in the morning; I guess that’s why you prefer to sleep through it. Wishing you a morning you’ll actually wake up looking awesome!

Good Morning! Your presence at work reminds me of why I can’t wait to leave, at the end of the work day! Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Funny Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend

Hardworking people like you should not have nights. Just days for you to work and work. Good morning, my baby girl.

I’m really not into morning messages, but if it contributes to your been happy, here then we go dear. Good morning, heart.

Good morning my love, I hope you have a productive and profit filled day! And do not forget a percentage commission to the person who wished you this!

I woke up to send you a good morning text and now I’m planning to go back to bed again. I hope you’ll wake me up with a reply. Good morning!

Coffee break? Or pee break? It really does not matter! I just seized the opportunity to say a big good morning to you! Love you!

Before I met you, I never thought procrastination can be infectious. Good morning and good luck for one more day full of lying in the bed and texting each other.

I was preparing the recipe for a happy day. The smile is there, the caress is there, the affection is there … ok a hug is missing. Done.

Mornings were made for special people, unfortunately we are not some of them, I hate mornings as much as you do but I guess we have to wake up and do something.

If you cannot be reawakened by your hot morning coffee than you are not making it hot enough! Good morning my darling grilie.

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Funny Good Morning Message For Whatsapp Group

As you go along today, never quench the fire in your dreams. Good morning.

I hope that as the sun comes shining through, your desires and vision keep flourishing.

May today swallow up all your sad feelings and feel you with joy. Have a fabulous day.

Run your race looking focused. Never forget you’ll have the finishing line. All the best today.

It’s the dawn of a new day, get your mind together and achieve today. Blessed morning to you.

Funny Good Morning Message In Hindi

Funny Good Morning Messages hindi
Funny Good Morning Message In Hindi

) (
/ L
Ufffff kitni jaldi “SUBHA” ho gai Pata hi Nhi Chala..!!

नमस्कार ! Good Morning
ये हमारी सूर्य उदय SMS सेवा है,
इसमें हम सोये हुए आलसी लोगों को जगाते हैं
बाद में Good Morning बोलकर खुद सो जाते हैं।
गुड मॉर्निंग!

Moon ne bandh ki lightning,Sun ne suru ki shining, Murge ne de di warning, ki ho gayi hai Morning, to hum bol de apko GOOD MORNING……..!!!!!!!!

ट्विंकल –ट्विंकल लेज़ी स्टार, कितना सोयेगा उठ जा यार
अप अब्व द वर्ल्ड सो हाई , सन रायज़ इन द स्काई
उठ जा जल्दी पीले चाय,रीड द पोस्ट एंड से मी हाय।
गुड मॉर्निंग!

“Kya mausam aya hai
har taraf pani hi pani laya hai
1jadu sa chaya hai
tm gharse bahar mat niklna
warna log kahege barsat hui nhi
aur MENDAK nikal aya hai. Gud morning”

ख़ुशी के लिए काम करोगे, तो ख़ुशी नहीं मिलेगी
खुश होकर काम करोगे, तो ख़ुशी ज़रूर मिलेगी।
गुड मॉर्निंग!

Shehnaayian bajao

Khushiyan manao




Jashan Manao

Kyon K

Hum Uth Gaye Hain

Good Morning.

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