70+ Funny Goodnight Message And Wishes Copy Paste

After an ambitious day where everyone have to go about their usual routine and sometimes it happens to be stressful and yet very long, Sending a funny good night messages to your partner lover, friends, family or even a funny good night message on your whatsapp status for friends and other is a very nice idea.

In this list you will find the best funny good night message, funny good night messages for friends, funny good night messages for whatsapp in hindi, funny good night messages for whatsapp, funny good night messages in hindi, good night messages in telugu funny, funny good night messages for girlfriend, funny good night messages for boyfriend, cute and funny good night messages. Dont hesitate to copy and send when you find the one that’s best for you.

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funny good night messages

Funny Good Night Messages.

They say the law of gravity states that “whatever goes up must surely come down” you have defiled the law of gravity, my love for you has gone up higher than I ever imagine and it’s never coming down. Goodnight beautiful!

Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight but don’t make it a habit, Because I’m not free every night, Good Night!

An exceptionally unique great night wish just for you be careful with modest copies I’m the main approved seller for pleasant evening wishes. Goodbye, Sweet dreams!

Thinking about you mode activated! Missing you in progress! If you are awake reply to deactivate thinking mode. Good night!

The good people sleep much better at night than the bad people. Of course, the bad people enjoy the waking hours much more. Good night!

Do you know why we close our eyes? When we pray, when we cry, when we dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are unseen and felt by the heart only, Goodnight my love.

Did you find out about the young lady who was so excited about street security that she generally donned white around evening time? The previous Winter she was wrecked by a snow furrow! Goodbye!

I wish I could be the moon. I would give anything to watch you sleep. Your beauty is unparalleled and makes the North star seem dim. May your dreams be wonderful and your rest be plentiful.

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Funny Good Night Messages For Friends.

Welcome to Sweet Dreams airlines. We’ll be shortly arriving at Dreamland. Fasten blankets, puff the pillow, close your eyes & get ready to doze off! Good Night My Friend!

Welcome to Sweet Dreams carriers. We’ll be in the blink of an eye landing at Dreamland. Attach covers, puff the pad, close your eyes, and prepare to nap off! Goodbye!

Saying Good night is not a Formality or Due to free message, It’s the art of Saying that I remember you in “My last minute of the Day” Good Night.

Soft fluffy clouds, puppies, acrobats, clowns, haunted amusement parks, chainsaw massacres … I got off track, but I was giving you some images to think about as you fall asleep. Sweet dreams!

Hello you, Yes you dear, holding the telephone. You are sleeping? No? Alright, great, cause I need to state the great night before your eyelashes embrace each other firmly.

Star light, star bright, let’s count the sheep tonight. 1-2-3 there goes 3. 4-5-6 there goes 4. 7-8-9 close your eyes. 10-11-12 sweet dreams and goodnight.

Don’t hesitate to let your toes look out from under the spreads. No boogeyman will set out to turn out with me directly adjacent to you. Kissing bugs? Not with me around. Rest soundly, my beautiful!

I’m talking to you, well just wanted to say goodnight and I love you, do not cuddle the pillows, I’m right over here in my house oops!

Isn’t it awkward when you are in the middle of a conversation and the other person falls asleep without saying goodnight? Glad that this is only the first time happens to us. So, accept me early good night dude.

Uh oh! Ouch, I tumbled from bed Trying to arrive at my telephone just to Say sweet dreams to you. Great night and Sleep tight.

Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder where you are? Up above the sky so high, where you are I wish you were mine. Twinkle, twinkle little star. Can I keep you near or far? Goodnight my little shining star.

Unfortunately, I have depleted all of the fuel in my body, so I must take a few hours to re-energize myself. I’d rather say good night instead of leaving you talking into the air!

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Funny Good Night Messages For Girlfriend.

funny good night message for girlfriend

You’re my love, my dream come true and the best part of me. I adore you and cherish every moment with you and I’m ready to love you forever. Goodnight beautiful!

Being here without you seems lonely but the memories we shared is what I hold on to and the happiness that I’ll see your face in the morning gives me joy. Goodnight my pretty lady.

I’ll give all it takes to wish you a lovely goodnight because a queen like you deserve better. Goodnight my pretty lady.

There are so many stars out there tonight singing your praise and watching over you my pretty woman. Goodnight beautiful, have a great night!

I wonder who says the beautiful ones are yet to be born when I’m lucky to have the most beautiful woman as mine and someone to love forever. Goodnight my pretty woman.

That remaining angels are waiting for you to complete them so they can close their eyes, I’ll be here for you to see your beautiful face in the morning. Goodnight my beautiful queen!

Dearest, although in sleep, we might be drifted apart and in the different worlds but I’m happy because you’ll always be in my dreams.


Funny Good Night Messages For Boyfriend.

My wish for you tonight is to sleep well without no worries, free from all troubles and undisturbed by the burden of this world, goodnight and have a pleasant night rest baby.

Now today is gone and it’s really nice to know there’s someone out there who would go miles for me and make my days fulfilled, you’re indeed a rare gem. Goodnight my king, have a night as fantastic as you are!

My superhero, I can sleep well tonight because I know I’ve got you and you would always be there for me. Goodnight my cute prince

As the moon reign over the night, so does your thoughts reign in my heart and your memories linger in my soul, I’m glad to call you mine. Goodnight dearest!

Everyday I find myself addicted to you and I don’t ever want to let go of this found addiction because it brings me joy that I can ever imagine. Goodnight my addiction!

You deserve the best night for making me feel good about myself and smiling all day, you’re indeed the best for me. Goodnight my beloved prince.

Tonight, I pray to heaven to send his angels to guide you through the night, protect you and lighten your ways through your dream and wake you up with a sweet smile in the morning.

You’re all I wish and can ever ask for, thank you for bringing peace to my troubled world. Goodnight my prince.

My day is incomplete if I’m yet to send a goodnight text to the one that owns my heart and world. Goodnight my charming prince!

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Cute And Funny Good Night Messages.

cute funny goodnight message

Try not to squander pondering your lost past, Don’t sit around idly for arranging your future, Better kill sum mosquito with that time So that you can rest better. Goodbye.

Now 4.7 millions people are going to sleep …2.5 millions are dreaming.. 1.3 millions are watching TV.. But one cute hearties reading my sweet Jokes, good night!

Sleepy text from a sleepy boyfriend to a sleepy girlfriend at a sleepy time on a sleepy day, in a sleepy mood to say sleep sleep tight my dear goodnight.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. Good night!

Languid content from a lethargic beau to a tired sweetheart at a tiring time on a drowsy day, feeling sluggish to state rest tight my dear goodnight.

The bloodsuckers are gone and the boogeyman has left. All that is left is simply you and me. How about we close our peepers and find a workable pace!

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Funny Good Night Messages For Whatsapp.

I started counting one star in the sky for each reason I love you…Then I ran out of stars and I realised the reasons are infinite. Good Night !!!

While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal comes true. I just want you to receive everything that you have wished for.

The material world changes at an alarming rate, but the source of universal truth is found always in the same place. No matter what the situation oppressing us, the solution always lies in our deeper nature

Touch the earth, love the earth, honour the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places.

There are two things to aim at in life; first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second.

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