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The more you show your concern to your girlfriend, friend, etc. the more you will be special in thought and prayers. So three is a likelihood to be blessed by those sick people you send these poems and messages.”Get Well Soon Poems & Messages for Your Friends” will be of great help to you.

Get Well Poems

Get Well Soon

I hope you’re feeling better;
I miss you every day.
I’m always thinking of you,
So this is what I say:

Get Well Soon!

By Karl Fuchs

Magic Wand

I wish I had a magic wand
To make it go away;
I’d wave my scepter over you
Until you were okay.

I’d think good thoughts; I’d send you love;
I’d transmit healing vibes;
My wand and I would surely beat
Whatever the doc prescribes.

But there is no magic scepter, so I cannot cast a spell;
Just know you’re often in my thoughts,
And I hope you’ll soon be well!

By Joanna Fuchs

If knowing that someone really cares
Helps healing along its way
Then I hope you now feel better
And keep improving, day by day

Jon Bratton

Bad Bug

Has a bad bug gotten hold of you,
Making you feel queasy?
You’re energy’s low, you’re indisposed,
Being sick’s not easy!

Just take this opportunity
To recuperate and rest,
And then when you return to us
You’ll be your very best!

By Joanna Fuchs

This little card is sent to say…
I hope you feel better day by day
So pop those pills and swig that tonic
and I am sure you soon will be supersonic


My Ailing Friend

Get well, get well, my ailing friend,
Whatever it is you’ve got;
I’m sad and blue, thinking of you,
And missing you a lot!

Rest in your bed, although you’re bored;
Be sure to sleep more than eight;
Get healed, get cured; come back to the world,
Where all your fans await!

By Joanna Fuchs

You Are Deeply Missed

Get well real fast, my friend,
That’s what I wish for you,
For while you’re sick you’re deeply missed,
So I am sad and blue.

So have some pity on me,
Don’t leave me in the dump.
Return to health real soon, my friend,
Or I will be a grump!

By Karl Fuchs

Bring Back Your Special Spark

I hear you’re feeling not so well;
It’s no fun being sickly.
Please know I care about you,
And hope you get well quickly.

When you’re gone, you’re sorely missed;
A bit of my world turns dark.
So take good care, recuperate,
And bring back your special spark!

By Joanna Fuchs

The Flu

You have the flu.
You’re breathing glue
And feeling kind of hot.
Your fever’s high
And though you try
Your nose stays full of snot.
So drink some tea
And think of me.
As far as I can tell,
You’ll get no hug
Or see my mug
Until you’re feeling well.
Get well soon!

by Denise Rodgers

In Bed All Day

You get to stay in bed all day.
You get to watch TV
Or lay around or read a book.
Your time is really free.

Forget your work, your empty desk
With files stacked to the ceiling
And loads of e-mails to be read.
We know how you are feeling.

Just settle back and rest a while.
We promise you no flack.
But when your rest is over, well,
We really need you back!

by Denise Rodgers

From being with you all day long
To getting you your favorite movies
From calling you every single night
To sharing some of our best memories
Anything I can do to make you feel better
Just ask, please don’t hesitate
No favor is too small or too big
After all, I am your best mate

Get well soon

I am sorry to hear
That you’re unwell my dear
So take your time and get your rest
In no time you’ll be back at your best
Sleep and relax until you are well
Soon we’ll be back at it Giving life hell

Inspirational Get Well Poems

Be Healthy

I prayed for your speedy recovery today,
I hope you have a healthy day,
Soon everything will be okay,
And you will have a good day,
Just keep a positive frame of mind,
Do what you feel don’t stay confined,
Get well soon dear!

I Care

I’m sending this to let you know
I think of you each day,
And pray for your recovery,
Hoping soon you’ll be okay.

You’re going through a lot right now;
You’re treatments can be trying;
Remember while you do them
It’s your problem you’re defying.

Hold on to your positive attitude,
And when things get hard to bear,
Know that I am here for you;
Remember that I care.

And when you’re well and flourishing,
Look back and realize,
You learned what you were made of;
That’s a reward that satisfies!

I believe in you; You can do it!

By Joanna Fuchs

Hang In There

Hello, my friend; You’re on my mind,
Because you’re somehow ailing,
But your response to any challenge
Has always been unfailing.

So I’m confident you’ll win again;
Hang in there, and you’ll see;
You’ll be back on top in no time,
Tackling life courageously.

By Joanna Fuchs

Behind You

Soon, all this will be behind you.
At first, you’ll look back briefly,
truly understanding what a gift health is,
how amazing it feels to be back to “normal.”
Then you’ll forget…
and resume skipping through a life
filled with a kaleidoscope of blessings.

Get well soon!

By Joanna Fuchs

Think Good Thoughts

Being sick has a mental part,
So use your head to cure you.
Thinking good thoughts is the way to start,
And smiling works, I assure you.

Keep up your spirits to cheer yourself;
Don’t let the gloomies win.
A happy soul will get well fast,
And right now is the time to begin.

By Karl Fuchs

Funny Get Well Poems

Get Back To Work!

Get well quick, you lazy bum,
There’s lots of work to do.
If you stay sick, it’s more work for me,
And I’d rather it was for you.

By Karl Fuchs

All In Your Head

Let’s go, get up, stop faking it;
Get your sorry behind off that bed.
Try positive thinking to get back to work.
Your illness is all in your head!

At least that’s what we hope. Looking forward to your return…

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

This card, has health-giving powers
And I’ve made it, just for you
I certainly feel much better
And I hope that you do, too!

Jon Bratton

We Hope That It’s Not Serious

We hope that it’s not serious.
We hope you’re not delirious.
We hope that you’re not feeling blue.
We hope it’s not a nasty flu.
We hope your butt’s not in a sling.
We wish you only best of things.
We send you all our get-well wishes
Packed along with love and kishes.

by Denise Rodgers


You haven’t been feeling so good, it true,
We know you’re feeling quite blue
Get better soon, we’re really missing you
We hope you get better, and come out real soon

Getting sick is never fun,
You’d rather be out in the sun
And while you might be sick of it, feeling blue
But know that we’re here, thinking of you, so get better soon!

When you get sick, there are things you should do.
Go to a doctor; eat plenty of soup, too
But the best thing you can do is to sleep and get your rest
And know that, out there, we’re thinking of you

To the end of line you are mine as friend.
All my dear friends I wish them a grand life
Without getting sick at all.
So for you gentle spirit I hope that you know, we hate seeing you down quite like this.
Get well soon my dear friend.

Oh what a pity it is to see you so sickly indeed.
I hope this foul plague leaves you soon,
I want you to know with all glory in tow, I hope to see you return to your old self.
Oh what a pity it is. Feel better dear, from here till the end. Get well.

You coughed and that’s when we knew that this would be a long winter’s night;
Illness and cold can never be told to keep me away from you.
My dear greatest friend there is nothing to bend
To keep the cold from bouncing back again, but I want you to know that with all seriousness told I hope
You get well soon. Get well dear friend.

I’m sorry to hear
That you’re not feeling too well
I wish I could take away
Whatever is making you ill
I need you to be up and about
I need someone to run around with
when you’re better, I’ll shout
With joy and glee
I can’t wait until this sickness
Returns you back to me!
Feel better friend, we miss you so much

I’m sorry to hear
You’re not feeling so hot
If I could, I would take your spot
But since I can’t,
I got you this card
In hopes it would make you smile
And hopefully keep today from being so hard
If you need anything at all, you know you can always call
I’ll bring you soup and flowers
Crackers and balloons
Whatever you need, I would go to the moons!
Feel better friend, I can’t wait until you’re healthy again!

Feel better, dear friend
There’s so much to do
And I’m having a hard time
Continuing my days without you
Here with me, healthy and fresh
You’ve gotta get better
So we can dive to new depths
And fly to new highs
Go faster than ever
I need my friend back
To adventure some more
I can’t wait until you’re better
I’m here to help however I can
I’ll always be here with a helping hand
Feel better, dear friend.

I know it’s terrible being
sick my friend
That’s why I hope you get
well soon
But as you rest and get better,
You could do many things to
pass the time
You could sleep all day and
catch up on your shows
But I really do hope you get
better soon

I heard you were sick my
good friend
I hope you feel better soon
And I hope you don’t let your
illness get the best of you
I want you to get better soon
So we can hang out and the walk
the streets together again

Get well soon
My old friend
It’s getting dull without you
And your sunny personality around
You are the brightness in
everyone’s day
As you get your rest
I hope you get better
So you can go back brightening up
everyone’s day
Like the sun you are

I have missed all our laughters
together, all our fun time, all our
arguments and shouts at each other.
I need you to get well soon, I am
miserable without you.

Sickness can not steal you away
from me because you are a part
of me already. During this period
of weakness, I will be your strength.
I need you back soon.

You need to be strong for me, baby.
You are much stronger than you
think and I know you will be well
soon because of the amount of
strength you have in you.

This message come to tell you,
I think of you each day,
And hope that you feel better,
And that you’ll be okay.
I know you’re going through a lot,
More than most can bear,
If you need a friend to turn to,
Just know that I’ll be there.
Get Well Soon

Sorry to hear that you are sick,
Be kind to yourself and rest,
I know it’s no fun being in bed,
But you’ll soon be back to your best.
I want you to know you’re cared for,
And in my thoughts always,
So for now call on me if you need me,
And look forward to brighter days.
Get Well Soon

I’m sending you this message
Especially for you
In the hope that you’ll feel better
And soon feel good as new
I know it’s never easy
When you’re feeling very sick
So here’s wishing you a recovery
That’s complete and really quick
Get Well Soon

I heard that you were feeling ill
headache, fever and a chill
I hope that this will cheer you up
if we have a little luck.
I’m sending you good intentions
with lots of love and affection
that healing days are coming fast
and feeling sick will be in the past!

I feel for you
when you are feeling blue
I hope you feel better
when under the weather
I wish that I could take your pain
so you’d think that healing came.
Our friendship makes me want to be
anything that you might need.
Feel better soon!

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It’s tough not to feel depressed
when your health is such a mess
but this is not forever though
healthy days will come to call.
If there is anything
that I can do or bring
make sure you let me know
and medicine will be in tow!

A little bird said you were feeling low,
and since I can’t resist (as you know),
prepare to wade through get-well cards
and fly through balloons as I bombard
you with every incentive I can think of
so you will know without a doubt I love
you; I do hope you feel better soon.

You may be sick,
you may be down,
but you’re not out.
You’re taking a breather
and will soon leap to your feet
and fly headfirst
into the whirlwind again.
Feel better soon,
and when you do,
challenge the world again.

Not having you in my day
has proved sadder
than I would have thought.
I hope you heal soon
and return to me
and we will laugh and talk
in our usual haunts.
And if you can’t join me there
I will come to you
and be by your side
as long as you need.

I know your sickness may be difficult to bear
But please don’t forget, you have people who care
Just keep plowing on and remember who’s there
Just keep going on even though it’s a wear
We all love you lots and we’ll send you a prayer

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Don’t worry my friend, I know you’ll get better
I wanted you to know I care, so I sent you this letter
I send prayers your way
And wait for a new day
To make you feel good
And stand tall as you should

I’m sending you this in hopes you’ll get well
I’m crossing my fingers and hope you’ll be swell
Soon you’ll get better and I’ll come to see you
Give you a very big hug and a smile too
Get well soon, my very good friend
I’m hoping that this sickness soon will end

As friends we share everything
Stories and secrets
Promises and pressures
And if I could share your pain
To take it away
I’d willingly share it as well
But all I can share
Is my love and support
And together we can share
The strength of our friendship
The strongest medicine life can offer

The things I would do
To help you feel better
Cannot be contained
By word or by letter
I would circle the world
I would lasso the moon
I would do anything
So that you got better soon
Until then know I’m here
For support as a friend
Because a prescription of friendship
Is what all docs recommend

I know soon you’ll recover
And be in your prime
But still that won’t stop me
From spending my time
Keeping you in my thoughts
And deep in my prayers
Thinking of your well-being
And how your health fares
I’ll think of you in the morning
At night and at noon
So know that I love you
And hope you get well soon

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My dearest friend,
I am sorry that you are unwell
In case you didn’t know
Or were unable to tell
Many care for you deeply
And wish you well
So get better soon
And we will get back to our ways
Enjoying full bloom

I am sorry to hear
That you’re unwell my dear
So take your time and get your rest
In no time you’ll be back at your best
Sleep and relax until you are well
Soon we’ll be back at it
Giving life hell

Being ill is never fun
But you’re strong seasoned
To outlast the long run
So take your time
And get your rest
Soon we’ll be back out in the sun
Laughing, living, and having fun
Get well soon my friend

Get Well Soon Messages

Get Well Soon Messages – Magical Words for Speedy Recovery

Funny Get Well Wishes

Fun and laughter can revive and rejuvenate anyone. It is not for nothing that they say that laughter is one of the best medicine. Anything funny that brightens up the patient can work wonders! Send a card with an appropriate funny message from these:

Falling ill is a great way to get paid off. I wish you enjoy your beauty sleep while funding our poor doctors! I wish you a quick recovery!

Dear friend, we are sad that you have been away for a while. We have been missing your smile. We miss you at work! Get well soon!

If you had not enjoyed all that ice cream without me, the fever would not have been this severe. Next time call me to share all the ice cream! Get well soon!

What happened to you? You need to get well soon. We have to continue our gossiping, so sleep well and get well soon.

Now that you have fallen sick, you must know that you are the most likable person around. Even the bacteria and viruses have fallen for your charms. I wish you make a speedy recovery!

Funny Get Well Messages

Now that you are under house arrest, you will get all the lawful punishments you deserve! It’s time to get all the bed rest and fluids that you deserve so much! Wishing you to get well soon!

I wish you to make a speedy recovery. You know I need to borrow some money! Don’t you know that you are the only bank I take loans from! So get well dear!

Another chance to sleep in for you? Some folks will go to great lengths to get some extra shut-eye. All kidding aside, get well soon!

If you were not this beautiful, the virus would not have hit on you. I am luckier than you because I am not as charming as you. Get well soon!

I used to think that you were superhuman. But now I think that you too are human like us! Get well soon!

A healthier you means less work for me. What are you waiting for? Get well soon!

For those occasions when someone is sick, injured or recovering, let them know you’re thinking of them with these get well soon messages.

Get Well Soon Funny

Folks who think laughter is the best medicine apparently have never had morphine. Be well.

Feel better in a hurry so we can get back to making fun of you with no guilt.

I’ve waved my magic wand to make it all better…what’s taking so long?

Sorry, you had to eat hospital food.

Life is boring without you. Hurry up already!

I can only be nice for so long – get better soon.


Get well soon messages and sayings image

Wishes for Friend

God’s speed in your recovery to full health!

Prayers coming your way for a speedy recovery.

Hope your 100% soon!

Sending recovery good thoughts your way.

Hope your feeling well soon.

Sending good, healthy vibes your way for a speedy recovery.

Being sick is no fun — come join the fun people and get well soon.

Feeling better sometimes just takes a little time. You’ve taken enough. Get well right away.

I’m Florence Nightingale and you’re my patient. We will get through this together.

Recovery Notes

I worry that when you get all our warm regards your fever will increase further. Just kidding! Get well and get back soon!

You don’t look great when you are ill. So get well in a hurry so that you look attractive again! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I think God is always testing your tolerance because you have lots of patience. Be on good terms with God and get well soon!

I am looking for a magician to fix that broken leg of yours. You don’t have to spend so many weeks in recovery! Just kidding! I wish you a speedy recovery!

I remember telling you that I will stand by you forever! But that didn’t mean that you had to break your hands for me to prove my words! Get well soon!

Make sure that you don’t play with the medicines and follow what the doctors tell you! I wish you a complete and speedy recovery!

If you don’t get better fast I will inject you with lots of pain killers. I guess you know that I am not great when it comes to taking injections! Get well and skip my injections!

Hope day by day goes quickly and you’re up on your feet soon.

Your illness is another confirmation for my doubts that you are such a great attention seeker! I wish you a quick recovery so that you can seek all the attention when you are healthy!

I know that there is no fun in being in the hospital. I wish that you are kicked out of there quickly! Get well soon!

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Inspiring Wishes

Inspiring a patient and making them feel strong can contribute to their recovery in a big way. Here are some messages that can inspire your friend or loved one to get well and get back to their normal life!

I wish you to get well and get back to life again so that you can experience all the delights and fun that life has to offer!

When I checked the doctor’s prescription I found that it didn’t have a very important medicine – your best friend’s company! I wish you a speedy recovery!

I wish that every day your strength grows and you become happier and healthier! Fill yourself with all the positive energy and you will recover faster!

Don’t worry about the illness. I am taking karate classes to kick the hell out of it! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Take a look outside and the sun is shining bright and tells you to get better and get going! Cheer up and get well soon!

This is the best time when you should know that so many people care about you. And I am one of those people! I wish you get well and back to work soon!

What to Say in a Get Well Card

There is time for work and time for rest. You feel sick because it was time your body got some rest. I think it was for the best! When you get back on your feet, it will be time for us to party hard! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

We all miss you, your kindness and your sense of humor! You need to know that everyone is eagerly waiting for your return. Get well soon!

I have a whole bunch of new stories to tell! Get well and get back soon so that I won’t forget them!

When I was sick, you cracked up a joke and said that laughter is the best medicine! It made me even iller. Don’t worry I will not be sending many jokes to you! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Good humor and health are like sunshine to greenery! Life is not just about living, it’s about living well! So shine and get well soon!

I am wondering why it’s easy to read the doctor’s bill and not their prescription! Keep pondering as you heal quickly!

After a Surgery

Surgeries are followed by some pain and challenges. A few words of care and love during this time can help speed up the healing!

You are one of the strongest and bravest people I know! Now it’s time to heal and get better soon! Wishing a speedy recovery!

I wish you the best in health and that you make a quick recovery from your surgery!

A successful surgery is 100% of the job done well! Now it’s up to you to heal quickly and get back to life! Wishing you a quick recovery!

The best thing about the surgery is that everyone takes full care of you! It is an even better feeling than getting a vacation! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Your surgery was your doctor’s headache! Healing and recovering is yours! Rest and relax and enjoy all the pampering and care you get! Wishing you all the care and love so that you make a quick recovery!

Wishes Recovery Good

Don’t worry if you feel crummy after the surgery. It’s only for a few days. Sending you wishes for a faster recovery!

I wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and good wishes! I am praying for your quick recovery and better health!

Feel messages of healing coming your way from all your friends at the office.

When I think of your strength, I know that surgery is nothing to stop you! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Words of Encouragement After Surgery

The medicines and pain are not as bad as hospital food! I know how much you must be craving for home-made food! Get well soon so that you can enjoy all the good food you love!

Sending you our love and wishes after your surgery! We wish you to recover quickly and get back to being healthy and happier than ever!

It’s time for you to listen to your doctor and loved ones! Drink all the fluids, take all the medicines and take rest. You can work and enjoy all you can once you have recovered fully! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

I am happy for your successful surgery! Spending your days in the hospital can be boring. But the best part is getting your food in bed! Wishing you a speedy recovery so that you don’t get spoilt by the daily routine!

I wish you comfort and rest after your surgery! I want you to know that we are thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery!

Looking for get well card messages that hit the mark?  Review these listings for ideas.  And, then, personalize your card with your own message.

Card Messages

Card messages aren’t my thing. Get well soon!

During this downtime, we hope that your recovery is a relaxing and restful one. All the best and we hope you get well soon!

GET WELL SOON!! Missing you lots and we hope that you have a quick recovery.

Get well soon. Feel better. We miss you!

Better you than me. Get well soon!

Get Well Messages and Wishes

Get Well Soon Greetings

GET WELL SOON!! We’re missing you lots at [ home / work / school ]. Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to having you back soon.

Good health starts with a happy heart. Hope these flowers start the job!

Here’s to hoping you get well soon. We’re thinking of you during this time and we hope that your recovery is a restful one.

Get well soon greetings from one of your best friends.

Here’s to hoping you GET WELL SOON! We’re missing you at [ home / work / school ] and can’t wait to have you back.

I hope your recovery is a speedy one. We miss you!

We’re hoping your surgery (GOES/WENT) well, and that your recovery is quick!

Hope you’re back on your feet pronto.

You’ll be on your feet again soon.

Hoping these flowers brighten not only your room but your heart today.

We pray and hope this finds you well on the way to recovery.

Get Well Soon Messages and Wishes

More recovery messages

I am sorry you are not feeling well. I am praying for you to have a complete and quick recovery.

If I told you to “Get Well Soon,” it wouldn’t be soon enough. Get Well Now.

I’m really sorry to hear about your illness. We’re all thinking of you during this time and hope your recovery is a speedy one.

Loving relief for your aches and pains.

Recovery Greetings

Loving thoughts are tucked inside this bundle of flowers!

May every day find you feeling better!

May you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully. We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest and relaxation.

May you feel your usual self again in no time!! Missing you lots while you’re getting back on your feet and hope to see you at [ home / work / school ] again soon.

Get Well Soon Card Messages

May your hospital stay be only short! Wishing you a complete and restful recovery. GET WELL SOON!

May your recovery be a quick and zippy one. Enjoy the time off and we hope to see back on your feet again soon.

May your recovery be a short but restful one. We’re all thinking of you during this time and we hope you’re back on your feet soon.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we wish for a complete and restful recovery. Looking forward to catching up with you again soon.

Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon! Thinking of you.

Our warmest thoughts are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Card Sayings

Sending loads of love your way for a speedy recovery!

Our prayers, healing thoughts, and a little sunshine to brighten your day are coming your way.

Sending you some get well cheer!

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Thinking of you. May you feel better soon.

To brighten your day!

Get Well Wish for Greeting Cards

Come Back Soon

We miss you! Come back soon!

We’re sick without you. Get well soon.

We’re all missing you terribly and can’t wait to have you back at [ home / work / school ] again. Get well soon! Lots of love.

We’re all thinking of you during this time while you’re getting better in hospital. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you again at [ work / home / school ] soon.

We’re all thinking of you while you’re in a hospital with your feet up. Wishing you a speedy recovery and we hope to see you at [ home / work / school ] again soon.

We’re thinking of you during this time!! Wishing you a restful recovery and we hope that your back to your usual self again soon.

Our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Wishing you a super-duper, fast and zippy recovery! [ Home / Work / School ] hasn’t been the same without you.

Wishing you all the best with your recovery. May you use this restful time to recharge and energize. All the best.

What to say on a Get Well Card

You are in my thoughts. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

You are missed! Get well and hurry back.

Get Well Wishes

For a quick recovery and return to good health.

Sending you a boatload of good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hugs and Kisses and get well wishes.

I hope your tail is wagging again soon.

Take care of yourself and be well soon.

Praying you are feeling great in no time.

Heard that you’ve been under the weather. I hope things clear up soon.

What to say when someone is sick

Sending loving thoughts your way and hoping for a quick recovery.

Caring thoughts are with you.

Hope you feel better soon!

We’re missing you tons.

Surgery stinks! Get well in a hurry – we miss you.

— Mike O’Halloran

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