Heart Touching Happy Birthday Grandma Messages & Wishes.

Grandma have always been a very important factor to every average human, either during your adolescent age or now. You can equally make them feel special and loved by sending to them some grandma birthday message, or a grandma birthday wishes, you can go further by making a grandma birthday card, to even make it more fun you can send to her grandma birthday meme, grandma birthday card funny.

grandma happy birthday

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Heart Warming Grandma Happy Birthday.

May you stay healthy and happy for the years to come. We are all happy to have you here with us! I wish another wonderful year. We are all here to celebrate your special day!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for being the most wonderful grandmother in the entire world. Happy birthday, my precious granny.

On your birthday, all I can say is that I love you more than you’ll ever know. Nothing in this world can ever change my love for you or take your place in my life. You are the reason happiness resides in my heart. Happy birthday, grandma.

Love and happiness to the woman who gave me great attention and many warm hugs all these years. Happy loving birthday!

You are not only great as a grandmother, but simply as a person, too. You have been good to not only the members of your family, but to everyone else. I wish a fantastic birthday to a fantastic person and, of course, an awesome grandma!

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Grandma, there’s definitely something special about you—everyone around you falls in love with you immediately. A very happy birthday to a very special lady in my life!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Here is to the woman who brings a smile to my face, even when I don’t think I can be happy, again! Here is to someone with inherent goodness!

Happy Birthday to my grandma! You are the sweetest, kindest woman that I know! Enjoy this day, knowing that you are loved by me!

Happy Birthday to the best grandma in the world! When I am feeling down, you always know how to lift me up! I hope every experience that you have today makes you happy!

You’ve taught and showed me kindness, patience, and love. I am the person I am today because of you. Thank you, Grandma. Happy birthday!

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Sweet Grandma Birthday Text Message

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for being the most wonderful grandmother in the entire world. Happy birthday, my precious granny.

All those years you taught me countless lessons of life. May your birthday make you feel like an 18th years old woman!

When I look in to your beautiful eyes I can see an experienced woman who offered me love and protection! Happy birthday Grandma!

You deserve nothing but all the love and happiness life has to give to a woman as wonderful as yourself. Happy birthday to the best grandma in the world!

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You are a part of all of my most favorite chapters of the book of my life, Grandma. I hope your birthday is just as memorable as you’ve made life for me. Happy birthday! Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Many, many more to come.

Wishing my wonderful grandma, a Happy Birthday! You are the most important member of our family! You are the one that holds us together!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! Here is to the woman who brings a smile to my face, even when I don’t think I can be happy, again! Here is to someone with inherent goodness!

Grandma, you are my angel and best friend. I can’t thank my lucky stars enough for having such a phenomenal granny like you in my life. Granny, I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you. Love you.

I am the luckiest grandchild in the world because God has blessed me with the world’s most wonderful granny. You are my everything, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t give up to put a smile on your face. Many happy returns, granny.

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Grandma Birthday Quote.

Grandma Birthday Quote.

Grandma, while there may be a multi-generation gap between us, please know that I see you as my best friend in life. I love listening to your inspiring stories and laughing at your jokes. Above all, I love the way we share secrets of each other. Happy birthday!

Grandma, when I look at your wrinkles, I find it so amazing. I’m just wondering that how beautiful your life was and obviously you look almost the same till now. Wishing you a happy bday.

Grandma, you are the only person who have accepted all my weaknesses and continues to spoil me even if I’m being naughty. I can never forget all the great things you did for me. I promise I will repay you someday. Happy birthday!

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Your wrinkles describe the journey of your life and of course it was an amazing and gorgeous like you, grandma. Happy birthday.

Grandma, you have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Your personality says all about your journey of life. Your big heart is the most precious item I’ve ever found in my life. I wish I could be like you. Happy birthday.

Grandma, you’re as beautiful as the flowers in your garden and as sweet as the cookies you baked! You are truly extraordinary and I thank God everyday for giving you to me. Happy birthday!

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Grandma Birthday Wishes.

Wishing the youngest old granny I know a super duper happy birthday. Granny, may you have a tremendously happy and healthy life all the days of your life.

Your face and skin is the only thing that shows your age. But your heart is still young as a little child. Happy birthday my Grandma!

We are blessed because we have a grandma like you. Your mere presence is a breath of fresh air. Happy birthday, Grandma!

Thousands of bright suns are not equal to the light which you bring, Grandma. May your birthday be full of light and music, just like you. Happy birthday!

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Grandma, may you have a great birthday! May it measure up to the person who you truly are! May it shine brightly and fill you with everlasting joy!

A grandmother is the second mother in a child’s life. For me you were my mother, sister and friend! I am very happy to be your grandchild!

Today is your [ PUT AGE ]th birthday, granny, and I want to use this day as an opportunity to reaffirm for the millionth time my vow to love and care for you until the end of time. Happy birthday!

This is your Big Day, beloved grandma. As we celebrate this exceptional day with you, I want to let you know that I cherish every moment that I spend with you. Have a very happy [ PUT AGE ]th birthday celebration.


Grandma Birthday Message.

Grandma Birthday Message.

My prayer for you today is that God shower His blessing on you. May every blessed day of your life begin with happiness and end in happiness. Forever stay blessed, grandma. Happy birthday.

I am very proud of you Grandma. Your kindness, love and wisdom are the things I wish to inherit from you. Happy and warm birthday.

You are the keystone of our family. Grandma I will always love you and I send you my warmest greetings for your birthday!

Dear Grandma, I am sending you a big hug on your birthday! Here’s to you, and I hope that you’ll be in good shape and health for many more years to come. Happy birthday!

I can still remember those days when you used to read bedtime stories to me as a child. I can still feel your presence beside me. This birthday message is to my grandmother, with love and respect, on her special day.

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As you celebrate this significant day of your life, I pray that God, in His infinite kindness, will save you from crossing paths with sorrow and pain. May He allow happiness to escort you all your days on earth. Happy birthday.

When I needed you were always there to help me. When I was crying, you had always a warm hug for me. Happy birthday Grandma, I will always have a warm hug for you too!

Here’s to many, many more years of perfect health and happiness to you on your special day, Grandma. May all of your days be pleasant and full of joy and happiness, just like you!

I’ll never forget all the kind words and encouragements that you’ve given to me as a child during my failures and low days. Thank you very much for all you have done for me and our family. We love you, Grandma!

Grandma, you are the rare jewel in our family! There is no one more devoted to providing love, hope, and comfort to all of us! May you receive a multitude of heartfelt wishes on your most, special day!

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Funny Grandma Birthday Wishes.

I want to tell the world that if there was a Miss Universe pageant for grannies, you, my beautiful granny would have no trouble taking the crown. Have a blast, granny.

Happy Birthday, Grandma! May your dentures stay in your mouth, when you bite into your birthday cake! May you dance without needing a hip replacement, tomorrow!

Grandma, may God keep blessing you with good fortune, and may your abundant good fortune keep making your enemies miserable. Happy birthday.

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If most women were to age gracefully like you, grandma, then companies that produce beauty care products would be out of business by now. Happy birthday.

To the old lady who is my father’s mother, Happy Birthday! May this be the first day that you use a watch, instead of a sundial! May you ride in a car, instead of a horse drawn carriage!

When I realized that it was your birthday, Grandma, I was shocked! The number of years you have accumulated left me speechless! Happy Birthday, oldie!

Grandma Birthday Poem.

  • It is Your DayOn your birthday,
    Let me thank you for the silent prayer,
    Thank you for the gifts so rare,
    Thank you for taking my side,
    Thank you for things you hide,
    You are the best my grandma,
    I love you so much,
    Have a super birthday,
    Stay blessed!
  • Another Year Gone. 

    Another year goes by,
    People go away and say bye
    But you’re always there.
    We can always be a pair
    So have a good birthday, from you to me,
    Be the great person, for all the world to see!

  • You Are specialYou have a special place in my heart,
    It’s from the beginning and start,
    Because you have helped me to lead a good life,
    You taught me to smile while strive,
    Grandma, so much love you gave me,
    It’s your adore which gives the glee,
    Happy birthday grandma,
    Stay blessed in life!
  • You’re not old,You’re vintage
    This just means you’re getting better
    It just means you’re gaining value
    Aging like a fine wine
    Getting wiser and more complete
    It means that you’ve seen everything
    And done it all
    It also means trouble if you fall
    But don’t fret, don’t you worry
    We’ll still get to celebrating in a hurry, but,..
    It also means we can’t use an exact number of candles on your cake!

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Grandma Birthday In Heaven.

I remember how you used to protect me from Dad for all my nuances. I remember playing with you, listening stories from you like it was yesterday. Happiest Birthday Grandma. I miss you!

You inspired everyone around you with your kindness, love and compassion. Although you cannot be with us anymore, I feel your presence everywhere I go. I know that you are somewhere looking down on us and guiding us. I love you—happy birthday, Grandma!

n your birthday, I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. While I cannot be celebrating your birthday with you on earth, I hope that the angels are throwing you a huge party to celebrate what an amazing person you are. Happy birthday, Grandma!

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You are my idol. I aspire to become a woman like you, grandma. I know you are watching me from above. I hope you are doing good in heaven. I miss you. Happy Birthday!

Having you around was the best part of my life. Listening to your stories, recipes and laughing with you used to be my panacea. I miss having you around. I wish heaven is treating you well. Happy Birthday!

Whenever I look at photos of your face, I am reminded of what true happiness looks like. It seems like there are no photos of your frowning or looking upset. You showed me in life and in death that happiness was all about your perspective. Happy birthday, Grandma.

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