Hilarious funny birthday message for friend

A Birthday is a special day meant to be celebrated by whosoever the celebrant might be, It even makes more sense if the person having a birthday is your friend. There are different way to tell them a happy birthday but we will be showing you the best funny birthday message for friend and funny birthday wishes for friend you can pick from to make them laugh and feel loved that day.

 funny birthday message for friend

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Funny Birthday Message For Friend

On this great day, I wish you a birthday celebration where your hair will get tangled on a tree branch and your skirt caught on a roof’s shingles. I hope my fantasy becomes fulfilled today.

They said time heals all scars. So, as you get older, expect your scars (emotional and otherwise) to be healed…But, that doesn’t include wrinkles anyway. In fact, the wrinkles get worse as you age. Happy birthday, dear friend.

When I looked at the date, I realized that it was your birthday, friend! When I thought about the year in which you were born, I almost fainted! You don’t look a day over a hundred!

I want to hear shocking and unbelievable stories about you that will make me deny that you’re my friend. Before that happens, let me wish you a happy birthday.

There’s one thing that can definitely make you live long and enjoy long life, and that is aging. So, don’t be afraid to age, it’s the best prescription for long life! Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.

I have a feeling that you’ll eat all the cake before I come over for your birthday party. I won’t be surprised by that because you’re a distant cousin of the Grinch. Happy birthday, anyway.

Happy Birthday, friend! You were educated in the old ways! The pyramids wouldn’t have been built without you, I hope you have a great day!

Needless to ask what you need as a birthday present, dear friend. Since you are obsessed with chocolate, I’ve invited the chocolate company to your birthday, so that you can have over-doze of it.

Friend, don’t mind me, but ask anyone and they’ll tell you the same: calling you young would be a mistake! A HUGE mistake!

I look forward to eating and drinking on your birthday. Never mind if I forget to ask you how old you’ve turned. Besides, you wouldn’t tell if I asked.

Happy birthday, bestie. I’ve been thinking if you can remember how we fought on who’s older between us last year. Well, I still maintain that I’m older than you by minutes!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

You light up my life in immeasurable ways and encourage me to be the best of me. All the things you do make you my best friend. I pray that you have a positively unforgettable birthday today.

Happy Birthday to the only person I would want as my getaway driver!! May we have many more good times and unforgettable adventures together.

Even if you get older with age, our friendship will be as new as spring water. I care a lot about you. Happy birthday, my friend.

Dear friend, I know you know who I am, but I hope you get tons of wishes from all those other vain people on social media who call themselves your ‘friends’, too.

The amount of joy you’ve brought into my life and those of my family members cannot be described. You’re simply a wonderful being and I’m blessed by our friendship. Happy birthday. We celebrate you.

Hey bestie, I know you are sad about your age this year, but no worries- I’m here to blow out your candles for you so you can feel like a real kid again!

On your birthday, it is my pleasure to wish you a year of merriment and good success. What more can I ask for my best friend?

A great friend is like your favorite pair of underwear. They’re comfortable, you’ve had them for a few years, and they make you feel confident.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend. I hope when we’re old and our future children put us in a home, we’ll be roommates or at least across the hall from each other. Our coffee & gossip dates will continue on!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For BestFriend

I dare to say that you are a rare species of a friend. Your kind is uncommon. I toast to a beautiful life for you today. Happy birthday.

Let it go! Let it go! Age can’t hold you back from having fun… Happy Birthday. Just remember wine tastes better the older it gets.

I admire your courage and resilience. I believe that you have lots of grounds to gain, and many heights to attain. I can’t wait to see you at the top. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to a beautiful, funny, and charismatic friend of mine who reminds me a lot of myself in many ways! We’re so similar that it’s no wonder we get along so well!

We have stuck by each other through thick and thin. We’ve been there for each other all these years and we’re still two girls who are better together than apart. That says something, don’t you think? Stay fabulous, babe.

While others were thinking of what life had in store to offer them, you already figured out what you would offer to life. Keep walking in your purpose. Happy birthday, dearest.

Everyone should have a great friend in their life, so I guess you’re lucky that you have me! Happy birthday to you, man!

If you were cast on a reality tv show it would most definitely be the Real Housewives of Glowing and Youthful. I hope you have a great day and get to spend it with family and friends. Happy Birthday, beautiful lady.

I will go ahead and make your day. Happy Birthday, my good friend. I didn’t even log on to Facebook to be told it was your special day. I hope you make it a great one.

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Funny Birthday Message For Friend Girl

You are very gifted person; in a race of two people, you would always be the first runner up. So, a very happy birthday to you, friend. May your talents keep shining like this always.

I love you, girl, and I’m wishing you the best today. However, if you ever blackmail me for any reason, remember I still have those graduation photos of you.

Frankly, you look just as young as you were on the first day we met! And imagine I saw you on the first day you were born, friend.

When you were born, the sun shone… for the very first time! Happy Birthday to the woman who has it all! One hundred years of accumulation would result in that!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, pay attention to the question and watch out what you are going to say about this glorious woman’s birthday!

Funny Birthday Message For Friend Boy.

I was going to get you something special for your birthday, but then I remembered that you pride yourself on self-reliance. So get it yourself.

Friendship is like bonding between two human beings as well as birthday means sharing birthday cake between others! Happy cake eating day dear. Wishing you a happy life!

Happy Birthday to a real swell guy! I’m sending you this ironic birthday wish because I know you’re way too cool for ordinary human sentiments.

This day is very special to me because my best friend was born on this day. I am always lucky to have a friend like you.’’ That’s enough lying for one day. Happy birthday anyway!

Hey Birthday Boy! Hope you’re enjoying your “distinguished-looking” years, because you move right to “old fart” after this.

I wish you have the best birthday of your life. Enjoy your time with your family. I’m sending you lots of love from here! Now you send me the money to buy cakes for you. Happy birthday to my best friend!

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend Turning 18

Welcome to a free world where there are no rules on how late can you return from a party and no laws of being grounded. Happy 18th birthday.

On your birthday, I hope you have a wild and crazy celebration! But not too crazy – you can be legally tried as an adult now. Happy Birthday!

Happy 18th birthday! You’re an adult now. Now you can do everything legally you’ve been illegally doing since you were a kid

On your 18th birthday, go crazy! Eat some cake, cause some trouble, take your pants off! Or don’t. Happy Birthday!

18 is one of the best years in life for it signifies that you are now able to do adult things while acting like a child. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on having another birthday! Statistically speaking, people who have more birthdays live longer, so keep up the good work! Happy Birthday!


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