How to Attract Girls – 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Make a Woman Helplessly Drawn to You

How to Attract GirlsLearning how to attract girls becomes easy when you finally grasp how attraction works with women. Attracting girls can simply be taught like any other skill and requires basic understanding of the female psychology. Most men don’t have that understanding since they have created false beliefs about girls and have been taught the wrong things about attracting girls throughout their lives.

How to Attract Girls
How to Attract Girls

Remember how your mother used to tell you to be nice to girls? Or how your buddies tried to impress girls and so you thought these were the best ways to attract a girl and interact with girls? Maybe it worked when you were little, but the more you got older and kept applying the same techniques to attract girls they seemed to backfire. You’ve never made it past the point of rejection and were never able to figure out how to get a girls phone number so you ended up feeling frustrated and confused. I want to shake you and make you snap out of it, because you’re making it way to hard for yourself.

Attracting girls really shouldn’t be that hard at all. Now that you know that being the nice guy and trying to impress women is not the right way to interact with women, I want to teach you some techniques to attract girls that actually do work. It’s okay if right now you’re not getting how stop being a nice guy can be a good thing and can add up to your success with women, but I’m sure you’ve had times that you scratched your head and wondered why girls always fall for bad guys. Women say they want a nice guy, but most of the time they end up with a bad boy. Truth is, most women think they want a nice guy, but respond to something very different in a man. They certainly don’t fall for bad guys because they want to be treated bad but are most likely attracted to some personality traits that a bad guy possesses, such as being exciting, fun and challenging.

Learning how to attract girls is a very counterintuitive process in itself. Women and men few dating in different ways and tapping into these little female secrets can be a huge advantage for you. To attract girls you have to attain some of these traits that I’ve mentioned above and make them your own. Here are a few ways to attract a girl and some traits that most women find attractive in men.

1. Showing indifference

In order to attract girls you have to act as a guy that is not interested at all. WHAT? Yeah you’ve heard that right. When you approach a girl, you have to act as if you don’t care if you get her number or not. Sure you do care but the trick is to not let her know. Don’t even mention that she looks beautiful.

2. Teasing and negging

Remember how you used to tease your little sister but were nice to girls who you liked? Well, what if say that the same rule for teasing your sister applies to women who you like and it can be used to attract girls. Well at least in a more mature way.

The best way to tease a girl is to ‘neg’ her. Negging means giving a girl a negative compliment and its purpose is to make a girl think that you’re not sexually interested in her even if you are. Girls love that edgy attitude in a guy.

You can say something like “Hey, you are beautiful. Are you an EX-model?” or “Nice perfume. My mom wears the same” to neg a girl.

3. Acting like a man

Another way of attracting girls requires for you to act like a man. That means no wussy behaviour. Most girls think a nice guy is no different than a wussy. Girls associate nice guys with characteristics such as being weak and submissive and that is not attractive to women. Women want a man that is in charge, a man who is dominant, masculine and not a softie. Though there are techniques, things you can do and say, to make dominance a part of your character.