Special Letter to my Wife During Hard Times– You cannot expect only beautiful flowers and butterflies every day. Your relationship will be tested. Your patience will be pushed to the limit. And there will come a time when you will feel that you have had enough. But, as a husband, you need to stand strong and keep your marriage deeply founded in love and understanding.

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Letter to my Wife During Hard Times

Short Letter to my Wife During Hard Times

We should not let our bodies give in to these problems. I care so much about your physical status. If we are to sustain our marriage, we should keep ourselves healthy. Whenever you are tired or weary, just come to me. I will exert all of my available energy to bringing back the strength that you lose as we go through these hard times.

I am your anchor. I will keep our marriage in its position even when the tides go high. Nothing can ruin this marriage, I promise you that. Even if the winds blowhard, I will keep on holding on. Even if the water pushes our ship, I will restore it because of the love in my heart for you. These are truly hard times, my dear.

The storms in the midst of the sea are very powerful. But, you know what? The hurricanes in our lives are what makes our foundations stronger. The winds will test our relationship. The waters will wobble our faith in each other. But we will get through this, I promise that to you.

I am your wind vane. The winds will come and go. We will just sway where our paths will bring us. But I will point you to the right direction. This I promise you. We may be in a situation where it seems that the odds are against us. But we will push and conquer this problem that we have. We will figure something out.

I am your friend. You should not have to go too far to find a companion to talk to. I am here for you. It is fun to talk about funny stories and exciting events in our daily lives. But, just like in any other marital relationship, nothing is perfect.

You should come and open up to me. What is really wrong? What are you feeling? How was your day? Where do you want to go to? What are you thinking about? These are just some of the questions that you can ask me. I will never, ever judge you by what you say. I accepted all of you the moment we got married. And I will keep doing that to you.

Even if we will not talk, you can just go to me to find your rest. Sit by my side or lie on my lap, it does not matter. In these hard times, we all need some time to just take a breather and free our mind a bit. Come here and rest for a while.

Everything in this world will change. Our circumstance will change. This will not last forever. This is just a season in our lives as a married couple. This situation is just a part of marriage. All husbands and wives undergo different problems. It just appears that this type of problem has come our way.

But this will also change. If it feels that this is the bottom of the barrel, then there is nowhere else to go to but upwards. When we are pushed against the wall, the only thing we can do is push back. Our lives will get better, you can be sure of it.

My love for you has also changed. At the start of our marriage, I already loved you. You are my spring and my sunshine. You are my one and only heart.

Throughout the years, we have faced countless problems. As more trials and obstacles come, our love for each other has only grown stronger. During these times, we hold on to each other’s hands instead of letting go. We stick to one another instead of being more and more apart. These problems increase the quality of our marriage.

Nothing will separate us, my love. As long as we have each other, we will never succumb to these glitches in our lives. Our faith and love will overcome anything that blocks our way. We just need to hold on.

Everything has a purpose. Every little stone or boulder that seems to stumble us has a reason why it is there in front of us. It should not persuade us to give up. Instead, it should only make us more determined to remove it. The more stones we remove from our path, the more we get stronger and better.

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Letter to my Wife During Hard Times

Long Letter to my Wife During Hard Times

Letter to my Wife During hard times 1

If I said what is happening in our life is not painful, would have been the biggest liar in the entire world. I am fully aware of what you are going true but want you to see it as a challenge which you can solve. No matter how difficult the condition of our life is, if we can be patient and hope for the blessing of the Lord, it shall surely come. So, baby, for this reason, all you need to do is continue to be the same lady you used you to be. Never forget that no condition is permanent. It is with the matter of time and everything we have once cried for will still come back in another form to make us happy. It is a great blessing in this world for me that whatever I have belongs to you. I will try all my best to make sure I secure a job. So our family will be happy once again. Don’t give and never think anything silly for only a coward will run away from distress. Only the weak minded person will commit suicide because things aren’t going on the find in their life. Take care of the children, bath them and don’t try to look miserable for you are strong. The Lord shall make things work fine soon because this is a special request from me to Him.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 2

It is normal to face one or two challenges in life but what really matters is to be able to fight back until the entire challenge becomes an advantage in your life. Many have been faced with the same challenge but were defeated; some tried but finally gave up. When a situation comes like this, the best thing for anyone to do is tighten your belt. Don’t stay in a place thinking that manna will fall from heaven. You must think deep to come up with an idea to solve your problem. Baby, stay with me. I know it is not easy to be with someone who cannot provide even a single meal for the family in a day. All this, I see as a challenge and will deal with them one after the other. Please, support me and let us win this war together. The bounty will be ours forever. We will not have to cry anymore. Things will finally come back to normal and then you will thank God for not giving up or not killing yourself. I remembered the story of a man who almost killed himself in a forest, and then a bus passenger’s turn his leaf that the air blew to land on the shoulder of the frustrated man. He picked, and read “Never give up”. So he stooped this evil act and continues his journey to a success he finally found.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 3

Sometimes, disappointment is a blessing in disguise, it is only those with a patient that will be able to reach the peak of where the blessing is residing. Everything may appear impossible in our life but what really matters most is that we should make sure we don’t give up our hope in God. He promised to answer our prayers whenever we call on Him. We are His creatures so it is His responsibility to take care of us. I will not sit down at home waiting for the blessing of God to come to me. I will go out and search for greener pasture until I finally find one. The Lord has been there for us since these years, so if things are not going on fine, does not mean we should forget about those times they were fine. My dear wife, I know you are a woman and this could be a bit difficult for you to bear. Don’t forget that things can turn around at any time. I love you so much and will not like to see you suffer this way for long. I will try my entire best to make sure that I put a smile on your face once again.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 4

Whenever we are in distress, we should remember those who are in worst condition than us. We should not offend God by our utterances because it could make our condition worsen. I will advise that you shouldn’t allow anyone sees pity in your eyes. No matter what, it is possible that things will be fine soon. I will always love you for the rest of my life. You really tried for me so don’t give up at this injury time to reach the height of my success. Who will like to live in poverty when there are several ways to enjoy? The truth is that everyone needs to be patient. We need to always find peace in our heart but it will not come until we allow it. Call on God in any situation and then follow His instruction by faith. Soon or late, everything that bothers your heart will come to an end. You will not have to cry again and your destiny will be balanced once again while you smile like never before.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 5

Sometimes, we live in certain conditions that make us want to say, why the Lord has forsaken us. We are then pushed to want to give up in what we believe in. If this life is too hard, stand up in the middle of the night and pray to your Lord to rescue you from the things you go through. Remember, after every distress is a victory. God will surely come to our rescue and we will not live a miserable life all our existence. We will not be taken for granted for not having enough. I believe in one thing—one day everything will be fine. You will see us smile again. Why not smile and feel the impact of a better tomorrow. Make sure your heart is filled with contentment. Believe me or not, as time goes on every single challenge we are facing right now will be a thing of the past. The Lord shall bless us soon and we will live in this world as the happiest couples ever. I love you. No condition will make me stop loving you.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 6

God has always been there for me, He is still with us. He will not forsake us it is with the matter of patience then everything will come back to normal. Don’t cry at all. You have been patient since these years; it is what I am fully aware of. Still don’t give up yet because I believe that it will not be that hard again. Sorrows come and go it is bound to do so. Please, motivate yourself and never give up even for once. Make it your daily routine to say positive self talk to yourself and before you know, everything will be fine with you. You will soon be called a queen because I am seriously working towards that. This life is like a prison to the believer, but if they can be patient enough, they will enjoy better. Have patience so that you will enjoy every good thing in this world. Things will begin to become better as you never think before. You will always find yourself at the top of success. I love you with endless passion. The Lord shall continue to bless you till eternity.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 7

With this special love I have for you, everything will be fine. I will not stop be happy every day of my life because things are not going fine. I will rather be patient with my Lord until He comes to my rescue. I believe this is just a test from him so baby, let us work together. Let us find a way out of this problem it will be better than always been in sorrow. Remember, God will not come from heaven to place food on our table; He only will need us to change ourselves so that He comes in. Don’t panic, don’t cry and don’t allow anything to disturb you. Your heart is clean; your hand works are not stained with blood. These are signs that sooner or later our glory will locate us. Our being together in this world is a blessing from God, no wonder you chose to be with me in time of distress. I have just secured a job as in a multi-millionaire company as a manager.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 8

Life has already turned into what it is today for us, I think the best way for us to make things happen is to be happy with our own self first and then we move forward together as one. Let us go out and find a solution to people’s problems, who knows through that Godly act the Lord may open His door of success for us. It is not proper for a human to be overwhelmed with sorrow, it does not speak well of a faithful person. It does not make us appear well before people. my advice will be that don’t give up your hope in the Lord After adversity comes prosperity. We shall prosper together one day. We will not have to beg again. This is a shame. It is a great shame that even up till this moment; we have not been able to make ourselves smile for one day. We are always in sorrow instead of thinking the next step to do the best that will favor us and everyone around us. Don’t let your today determine how your tomorrow will look. Your today may be bad but it doesn’t stop you from working for a better tomorrow.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 9

The best of people are those who have faith in what God can do. No matter the time, the chance and space if it is not the way of God they won’t touch its lane to get rich. This is the sign of great faith in God. Always be happy in any condition though, it may not be bearable but at least you will be strong for the main time until you finally find a way out of the challenge you are facing. It doesn’t matter if you will have to hawk before you become a millionaire, even so, I will hawk along with you and then we will be known as the hawking couples. At least, true love has played its role in this angle. Who knows tomorrow? Same hawking couple will be called the millionaire couple? Don’t just give up in life because anything can happen within the blink of an eye. Have a nice day. Greet your mom and our children staying with them. I love you, my dear angel.

Letter to my Wife During hard times 10

This point in life, it has become something good that we should all find a way to take care of. You actually understand where I am driving to. I want you to have rest of mind. I don’t want you to bother yourself about me. Eat the food I provide in my capacity while I struggle out of poverty. You will soon enjoy just have faith in my words. I speak them too from the deepest part of my heart. So, it means they are packed with lots of faith and whoever believes in God will surely make it in life. It may be soon or late, but one thing is for sure that God does not leave the one that seeks His face. We pray that He should answer our prayers as soon as possible. He should bless us with abundant joy, love wealth and property. He should forgive us of our sins. Think about those that are below you, how are they coping in life? At least we have clothes we wear; there are many people out there who don’t have. We are sheltered, but thousands of people are dying in the sun and rain. So let us give thanks to the Lord who give us this chance to live a life that will favor us and our children including everyone around us.


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