The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 15

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 15

“You are not going anywhere.” He said, his tone firm.

Heaven gazed into his stormy eyes. She knew very well that fighting him was not a good idea, but she had to speak up.

“Why?” She asked. “I need to go home or my parents will worry.”

Why was she explaining as if he would understand or care?

“I don’t care.”

Of course he didn’t.

“I saved you. This is not how you repay someone, I saved your life so spare mine and we are done. I won’t tell anyone that I released you. I promise.”

For some reason, he found that funny.

“You can tell whoever you want. I am not scared of anyone. Now while I am being nice, go back in and sit down.”

With a groan, Heaven went back into the room and sat down on the bed. Once her father comes looking for her hell would break loose and someone would get hurt. So before that happened, she had to find a way to escape.

Or wait!

Escaping was maybe not the best solution. He was ancient and could find her easily, and when he does he would surely hurt someone. What she had to do was to convince him to let her go. The question was how?

More importantly, why was he keeping her if none of her family were his enemy?

“It is because I am a witch, right?” She asked out of nowhere.

“Yes.” Was his short reply as he went back to his seat.

“I know a witch locked you in, but I saved you.” She reminded.

“Not because you wanted to.”

“No, because you deceived me.” She tried to make him feel bad.

“You would to the same thing if you were locked in a coffin for a thousand years.”

He had a point, but she still felt angry for being used. Then she membered when he said they belonged together.

Was that also a lie?

Well, not anymore since he marked her. Perhaps he knew he was going to do it, and that could be the reason he was keeping her here. But Heaven was not going to be someone’s bride without her consent. She did not care about the mark.

“You can’t keep me here forever. You don’t want my grandfather to come looking for me.”

“He won’t. And if he does, it is not because he cares for you. It is only because his pride will be hurt if people knew his granddaughter was missing.”

“You don’t know my grandfather.”

He raised a brow. “Oh, I do. Since the beginning of times. And I don’t know how you stayed so… pure being his family.”

Heaven looked down at her hands. She didn’t want to talk about it, but she let it out. “He left when I was little.”

The Stranger tilted his head to one side and studied her closely.

“He will be back.” He said.

It surprised Heaven that he was trying to comfort her. He was very confusing.

“Don’t be happy about it. It’s not a good thing. The devil needs his children to rule his army. He is just waiting for the right moment when you and your family are at the lowest points of your lives. Then he will come back and lure you.”

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“You seem to have something against my grandfather.” She retorted.

He laughed. “Who doesn’t? Please tell me. Even you have something against him. You just don’t want to admit it because you still have hope.”

“As I should. My father told me everyone has the choice to be good or bad.”

“Your father is a clever man. But how many lifetimes does a person need to leave the bad and turn to good? The devil has been doing evil deeds for so long. What makes you think he will change now?” He asked in a curious manner.

“It’s never too late.” Heaven insisted.

The stranger watched her silently for a moment. He seemed amused for an unknown reason.

“Only those willing to change will change.” Was all he said.

It felt like he was telling her something more than that.

Standing up, it looked like he was about to leave.

“Where are you going?” She hurried to ask.

His lips didn’t move, yet it felt like he was smiling.

Slowly, he stalked toward her. Heaven’s heart skipped a beat. This was it. He probably had enough. He was going to kill her.

Her head implode with so many thought on how to defend herself, but there was none that was helpful. Either she would die with dignity or beg for her life. But once she was dead, what would dignity mean.

It would be better to beg, but her mouth refused to talk.. Heaven cursed inwardly.

Too late. She was looking into his eyes.

“You are exhausted and you want to sleep.” His tone was hypnotic.

Heaven felt suddenly sleepy and her eyelids fell over her eyes. She tried to fight it but to no avail and soon after darkness embraced her.

The stranger stared at the young woman sleeping on the bed. He wondered why he still kept her alive. Killing her as soon as he got his chance was the plan, but when he heard her voice begging to be saved, he hesitated.

Deep down, he knew he was just avoiding the inevitable. If he didn’t kill her, he would be bound to her forever, just like the witch wanted.

How clever. Locking him inside just to make another witch awaken him so he would mark her unwillingly.

He didn’t want to be with this woman or with anyone that had anything to do with witches.

While pondering on what to do with her she stirred in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes. As usual, her eyes widened when she took notice of him and her pupils enlarged in panic. Yet she tried to mask her fear and appear calm as she sat up.

“What are you doing?” She tried to keep her voice firm, but he could hear the slight tremble in her tone.

“What is your name?” He asked.


Why would he care? He was getting attached.

“Heaven.” She whispered.


How ironic.

So Heaven had saved him from hell?

“Who named you?” He asked curiously.

“My father.”

This father of hers made him curious. He had always expected the devil’s children to follow in his footsteps, but this man had been able to resist the devil’s whispers.

“What is your name?” She asked.


She nodded, but her body language showed she was uncomfortable. Not that he expected anything less. He was after all keeping her against her will.

“Are you hungry?”

She shook her head. “I want to go home.”

Zamiel cursed to himself. He should just kill her, but he had never killed the innocent. Just looking at her made him feel guilty.

She was so young, a little girl just beginning to live her life. He could not take that away from her.

And there was a part of him that wanted to protect her, but he shouldn’t listen to it because it was probably the mating process messing with his head.

He wondered if she was feeling it too?

“Please, let me go home.”

Probably not.

“Heaven! Heaven!” Suddenly a voice called from the outside.

Heaven’s sad face suddenly lit up, and she bolted out of bed. “Zarin!”

Zarin? Who was he?

As if realizing something, her expression quickly changed from happy to concerned and frightened.

Who was this man who made her worry?

He would pay a heavy price.


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