The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 16

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 16

Heaven’s heart accelerated in fear upon hearing Zarin’s voice.

No! Why was he here? She could already see the anger in Zamiel’s eyes.

“Heaven!” He was suddenly inside the room with a sword in his hand.

Heaven’s heart jumped to her throat. He was going to get hurt today.

Zarin’s eyes darted between her and Zamiel before he lifted his sword and pointed the tip at the stranger.

“Heaven come here!” He ordered his eyes boring into Zamiel’s, warning him to not move.

Zamiel crossed his arms behind his back, not feeling the least threatened. “Don’t move Heaven!”

Heaven didn’t move. She wasn’t stupid.

Instead, she turned to Zarin. “Zarin leave. I am alright.” She gave him a warning glare.

Zarin held onto his sword, still pointing at the stranger. “You don’t need to be afraid. Come here now!”

“I told you to leave Zarin!” Heaven warned.

“I said come here!” He shouted, startling her. It was the first time he raised his voice.

Zamiel didn’t seem to like his behavior, so he stalked toward him. “Who are you?” He asked Zarin.

“Please don’t hurt him. He is a friend, and he is just worried.” Heaven pleaded, but Zamiel still had his eyes fixated on Zarin.

“Who are you?” Zarin asked, turning the question back to him.

“Someone you shouldn’t provoke. I would listen to your friend if I were you.”

“I am not going anywhere without her.” Zarin didn’t show any sign of fear.

“Very well then.” Zamiel replied.

Zarin lifted his sword to strike.

“Zarin no!”

But it was too late, and Zarin ended up cutting through thin air.

Oh no! Now the ancient stranger was probably enraged.

Suddenly Zamiel stood behind Zarin and with a light push of his hand caused him to crash through the wall and end up landing on the terrace outside. Zarin quickly got onto his feet, ready to strike again while Zamiel was relaxed with his arms still crossed behind his back as he stepped outside.

Zarin began to attack again, but Zamiel dodged every strike and seemed to almost enjoy Zarin’s effort.

Heaven watched in horror, but then decided to stop it before it was too late. She stepped through the broken wall, “Zarin stop!” But he wasn’t listening.

Zamiel knocked the sword out of Zarin’s hand and then grabbed him by the neck, lifting him up from the ground with one hand. His nails elongated, piercing through Zarin’s throat, causing blood to spurt out of the wound.

Zarin struggled to get out of his grip. His legs dangled in the air, kicking Zamiel who didn’t get the least effected. He stood still like a wall.

“Stop! Please!” Heaven called and when he didn’t listen, she hurried to pick up Zarin’s sword.

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Grabbing it steadily, she stabbed Zamiel from behind. The blade went through his back and came out of his stomach.

Zamiel dropped Zarin before turning to her. If she thought he was angry before, now he was furious. He reached for the sword behind his back and pulled it out without flinching. Heaven stood there horrified as blood seeped from his stomach. She didn’t know whether to keep her eyes on him or on Zarin, who lay motionless on the ground behind him. Was he alright?

The stranger slowly stalked toward her, and she stepped back. “I didn’t mean to… I was just trying to stop you.” She explained.

“Step away from her!”

Another familiar voice.

Heaven turned back. Her father found her. She felt a mix of emotions, relieved yet concerned.

Roshan and her grandmother stood by his side.

If Heaven didn’t know her father well, she would think he was calm and collected, but she could see the fury behind his calm expression. Unaware, Heaven placed herself between her father and the stranger as he approached them.

“Heaven.” Her father searched her body for any wounds before drawing her in for a hug.

“I am alright father.” She didn’t want any fight to happen.

Her father drew back and stared at the stranger. Zamiel’s wound was still bleeding, and Heaven wondered why he wasn’t healing.

“I am taking my daughter back with me.” Her father said with resolution while holding her arm.

In the back, Roshan and her grandmother were tending to Zarin.

Zamiel put his hand on his stomach and seemed confused to why he was still bleeding. Did she stab him somewhere shouldn’t have?

“You can take her.” He said surprising her. Why would he suddenly let go of her so easily?

“If you defeat me in a fight first.”

No! Heaven shook her head and gripped her father’s arm to stop him, but she knew he wouldn’t listen.

Her father removed her hand. “Heaven step back.”

Before she could protest, he pulled his daggers out and they already began to fight.

Heaven hurried to her grandmother. “Grandma, do something. Stop them. He is very dangerous.”

“You are his daughter. You can’t expect him not to fight for you.”

“He is ancient. Killing him won’t be easy.”

Her father was very skilled, but he was no match for Zamiel. He was already getting badly hurt. Roshan left Zarin to her grandmother and went to help her father. Still, both of them were unable to defeat him.

The stranger moved as fast as a wild storm. So fast that no one could detect his movement or keep up with him. Demons were usually fast, but his speed was on another level and he ended up knocking Roshan and her father to the ground. Both of them were covered in blood.

Unlike both of them, Zamiel had no weapons, but his claws looked sharper than a blade. Blood dripped from the pointy tips and onto the ground as he waited for them to get up.

All while her grandmother was doing her best to stop Zarin’s bleeding. He was half human, so he didn’t heal as fast. Heaven didn’t know who to worry about. Zarin or her father?

Deciding to leave Zarin to her grandmother, Heaven went to save her father instead, who was getting up on his feet. Zamiel picked Roshan’s sword from the ground and was about to strike her father when Heaven placed herself between them.

“Stop!” She covered her face with her arm, waiting for the sword to cut through her skin, but nothing happened.

Slowly she looked from behind her arms at the stranger. He stopped mid action, still holding the sword up.

“I’ll stay with you. Please let them go.”

“No!” Her father tried to move her out of his way, but Heaven refused.

She turned to him and gave him a pleading look. “Father I am fine. He hasn’t hurt me. I’ll come home soon, you just go home, please.” She begged.

“Heaven stay out of this!” Her father spoke in harsh tones.

Then he pushed her away before glaring at the stranger. “What is it you want?” He asked.

Something was happening to the stranger. He was not listening to her father anymore and looked down at stomach again. He was still bleeding. What was happening to him?

Suddenly Roshan came from behind him and slit his throat.

Heaven squealed in terror as more blood drained down his body. Her father took the opportunity and stabbed him with his dagger.

Zamiel fell on his knees and Roshan wrapped his arm around his neck. He gave her father a look.

Oh no! They were going to kill him! Stabb him in the spine!

Heaven looked into the stranger’s silver eyes. She could see he was in pain. Why wasn’t he healing?! What went wrong?

A pool of blood gathered underneath him. Heaven had never seen so much blood before.

Her father handed Roshan his dagger.

“No!” Heaven yelled, surprising herself, and Roshan, and her father.

But the stranger seemed to be the most surprised. He lifted his gaze and looked into her eyes.

“I am sorry, Heaven.” Roshan said before stabbing him.


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