The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 18

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 18

The sleepless nights began again. Caused by the same person, but for a different reason. Heaven couldn’t close her eyes without seeing a pair of angry silver eyes.

She could not relax to sleep. What if he came and killed everyone while she was sleeping? It would be all her fault.

“You are still awake again,” her mother spoke, who lay next to her on the bed. Her mother had been sleeping with her the last few days. Heaven found comfort in her presence, and her father was probably feeling lonely at this moment.

“I can’t sleep.” Heaven admitted.

“You don’t have to worry about anything as long as I am here.” Her mother said .

“I know. I am not worried.” Heaven lied. “I am just not sleepy.”

“But you haven’t been sleeping for many nights now.” Her mother sounded concerned.

Heaven didn’t reply. Instead, she closed her eyes and tried her best to sleep. She didn’t want to worry her mother.

The truth was, Heaven was counting the days till the stranger comes to have his revenge. She wondered what was taking him so long. Or could he actually be dead? She also wished for her mating mark to fade away quickly so she could truly hate him for what he did.

When the morning came Heaven woke up still feeling tired. After her handmaidens helped her get ready, she studied herself in the mirror, especially the mark on her neck. How long would it take to see a difference? A week had already passed.

“It won’t fade away so quickly.” Her grandmother suddenly spoke from behind her.

Heaven turned around. “How long will it then?”

“Don’t be discouraged, but it might take a few months since he is an ancient demon!

Well, she was already discouraged. What would she do till then to get rid of this feeling? This curiosity to know his story and what happened to him, this guilt and this other feeling that she couldn’t quite understand. Was it caring, maybe?

She shook her head. Why would she care for such a person?

The day went by as usual, with her either worrying, yawning or eating. Nothing felt enjoyable anymore. She was always tense or sad and guilty.

Meanwhile, her father was dealing with troubles because she didn’t get married yet. He didn’t tell her himself, but she could hear whispers in the castle. People blamed her for being selfish and putting her father in a difficult situation.

Yes. She was selfish. Not only for putting him in a difficult situation but also in danger. What else was she supposed to do now? How could she get married when she already belonged to…

No! She shook the thought away. She didn’t belong to anyone. If she didn’t get married, then her father would have to deal with angry citizens. She had to do something.

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Heaven made her way to the throne hall where she expected to find her father. He sat on his throne and spoke to Lincoln when she walked inside.

Her father paused his speech when he took notice of her. He gave her a nod to come forward, then dismissed Lincoln.

“Your Majesty,” Heaven curtsied. “I have come here to tell you I am ready to meet more suitors and find a groom.”

Her father studied her for a moment, “You don’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I do. It’s my duty.” She said

“And mine is to make you happy.”

“But as a king your duty is to care for the welfare of this kingdom and it’s people.”

“I am not speaking as a King now. I am speaking as your father.”

“You are a king before a father, Your Majesty.” She reminded him.

Her father sighed as he stood up from his seat. He walked down the stairs to where she stood and then put his hands on her arms.

“I know why you are doing this. But you don’t have to worry. I’ll handle it.” He explained calmly. “Just take care of yourself.”

Yes. That is exactly what she intended to do. Take care of herself and her problems.

“I will. So when do I get to meet the next suitor?”

Her father shook his head at her stubbornness.

“I will send Lincoln with information.” He said.

“Thank you.” Heaven curtsied again before excusing herself to leave.

Why was she acting like this, she didn’t know.

“Why are you doing this?” Gina scolded when she told her about her decision. “I am sure your father will find a way.”

That was the problem. She was tired of people cleaning up her mess. She had to grow up someday and deal with her own problems.

“What am I doing? I am just trying to find someone to marry.”

“Suddenly you changed your mind?”


“You are blaming yourself, that is why you are doing this.”

“I told you why I am doing this.”

“I don’t believe you.” She said.

“You don’t have to and I don’t want to talk about this anymore2

Gina was silent for a while before she clapped her hands together. “Alright then, I am leaving since you don’t want to talk. Have a good night.”


Before she could say anything she disappeared.

Great! As if being a terrible daughter wasn’t enough., Now she was also an awful friend.

Heaven threw herself on her bed, her thought drifting away while she stared at the ceiling. Why wasn’t the stranger coming to have his revenge if he was alive? Now she started to believe that he was actually dead. There was something that went wrong that day. He wasn’t healing. It was very strange for an ancient demon to not heal. Could he have been weak after being locked inside for so long?

Why was he locked?

Closing her eyes, Heaven took a deep breath. She should not think of him now. She had other things to worry about, like getting married. But that was the problem. Every time she thought of getting married it felt like she was being unfaithful, since she didn’t know for sure if he was dead.

“Heaven?” Her mother hovered over her. Had she been so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear when her mother came in? Her mother was wearing her nightgown and came to sleep next to her again.

Heaven sat up. “Mother. You don’t have to stay here with me anymore. I am fine now and I would like to sleep alone.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Heaven didn’t want to be a burden. It would be best for her and for everyone if she behaved like an a.d.u.l.t.

Her mother was hesitant, but without arguing she left her alone in her room. Heaven blew out a few candles, then went back to her bed to sleep. She was very tired, but whatever she did, she couldn’t sleep. Frustrated, she turned back and forth, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. But everything felt uncomfortable.

Suddenly she felt a chilling cold in the air that made her shiver. She knew this feeling, the feelings of someone watching her, lurking behind the shadow. Heaven stiffened in fear, knowing very well that he was here.

The silver-eyed stranger had finally come for his revenge.


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