The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 2

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 2

If there was one thing Heaven could change about her life, it would be being a princess. Because of her title, she had been unable to make many friends, or meet new people, or walk around the streets freely, or meet a man and fall in love.

Heaven knew she was being ungrateful. Yes, she couldn’t do all those things, but she had many good things in life that other people didn’t have.

Life was all about taking the good with the bad. “No one lives a perfect life.” That’s what her mother used to say. Now she wondered what her father would say about letting her go out.

He wouldn’t let her. She knew it already. Yet she would try, once again.

As she waited in the hall for her father’s meetings to end, she thought of ways to convince him.

‘Dear father, I have been suffocating…’

No, that would be too much.

‘Your Majesty, as an a.d.u.l.t woman who can take decisions for herself and be responsible for them I would like to go out. Alone.’

No, that was too formal. She needed to add more feelings so that her father would sympathise with her.

Or, she could act like a real grownup and tell him straight that she would go out and no one would stop her. But she wasn’t used to going against her father’s will.. He was her weakness. She loved him more than anything because she knew how much he adored her.

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If it was her mother made who taught her everything then it was her father who gave her all the love in the world.

The clicking sound of footsteps echoed in the hall, and soon after whispers followed. Heaven knew it was her father coming. He would always make heads turn, cheeks flush and hearts race whenever and wherever he appeared.

All the females in the castle were smitten by him. Even some men. Heaven couldn’t blame them. She had overheard a maid once describe him as a walking temptation. That, Heaven wasn’t sure of, but yes, her father was very good looking. And he hadn’t aged a bit. He still looked the same as when she was a child. It was the demon part, of course, which very few people knew of.

The only people who knew about them being demons, were her father right-hand man Lincoln and left-hand man Julian who, by the way, was also a witch. Then there were her mother’s two guardian angels, as Heaven liked to call them, Callum and Oliver, who also knew about it. Heaven adored these two men because they took care of her when she was a child. Her mother’s two handmaidens Lydia and Ylva also knew about their secret.

When Heaven was a child, her mother would trust no one to take care of her except for Lydia and Ylva. Therefore, both were very close to her heart. Heaven’s own guards and maids knew nothing, and for that reason she felt alone sometimes.

“Good morning, my princess.” Her father smiled as he neared. Then he grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her forehead, as usual.

“Good morning, father.” Heaven greeted in a sad tone. If she didn’t pretend to be sad how would her father allow her leave?

A frown settled on her father’s face. “What makes you sad?” He asked.

“Father please, I would like to go out alone. Please.” Heaven begged.

“But Lord Aristo is coming to meet you today.” Her father reminded.

Lord Aristo was a very well-known and a wealthy businessman. But he should stick to business and not try to become a king.

“I don’t want to meet these old men.”

Her father chuckled. “I can assure you he is not old.”

“Father, I never ask you for anything,” because he already gave her everything before she could ask. “I just want to go out without having guards trailing behind me.”

“All right then,” Her father sighed. Heaven’s heart raced in joy before he spoke again. “Then I must go with you, alone.”

The joy she felt a moment ago dissipated. “No father. That is dangerous.”

Her father had too many powerful enemies. He could not leave without protection.

“No? Then how do you expect me to send you alone?”

Heaven looked down at her hands. She could never win this.

Her father grabbed her chin and made her look at him. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. Now get dressed, we’ll leave.”

Heaven felt suddenly bad. She didn’t feel like going out anymore. If anything happened to her father, it would be her fault.

“I can’t leave. I forgot. Zarin and Gina are coming here today, so I need to stay.” Heaven lied.

Zarin and Gina, her only friends who also shared her secret. Yes, they were demons as well.

Heaven hated lying to her father, but he already knew from the amused look on his face.

“All right.” Was all he said.

In the late afternoon, Lord Aristo came to meet her. They took a walk in the garden while he spoke of his business adventures and how he became so successful. At first Heaven listened with curiosity. She also wanted to go on an adventure and discover the world, but then slowly she became bored.

Lord Aristo only spoke about himself. He never cared to ask her something. What she liked or disliked, if she had any skills, or just anything for that matter. When they had dinner, he changed the topic to politics and tried to impress her with his political knowledge. Heaven was relieved when the time for him to leave finally came.

“It was a pleasure meeting you princess Heaven. I hope to meet you again.” He said taking her hand and kissing her knuckles.

Never again, Heaven thought to herself. She didn’t want a man as self-centered as he was.

Once he left, she went to her room feeling exhausted. These men were sucking the life out of her. Her handmaiden Kate helped her change into her nightgown, but Heaven didn’t feel like going to bed. The nightmare was awaiting her, and this time she was very afraid.

“Do you need anything else, My Lady?” Kate asked.

“No, thank you. You may leave.”

Saying good night, Kate left her alone.

Heaven went to her bed, but only sat on it. She looked at the sheets, the pillows and the blanket. Soon she would have to share a bed with her husband. Just the thought of it sent chills down her spine. She couldn’t imagine sharing a bed with a man. Specially not any of the men she met till now.

Suddenly cold air hit her face despite the closed windows.

Damn him. He always appeared out of nowhere since he learned how to do that.



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