The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 25

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 25

Heaven went to sleep ignoring the fact that the mark had faded away and that it probably meant something was wrong with Zamiel. But she would not care. He was a grown man, powerful and ancient. He didn’t need her help; she tried to convince herself, and it didn’t work.

She lay in bed turning back and forth, her mind filled with questions and her heart hammering loudly at the thought of what might have happened to Zamiel. Ancient demons might not be killed easily, but they could probably kill themselves.

Zamiel wouldn’t do that. Would he?

What if she didn’t do something soon and ended up regretting it for the rest of her life? This was a matter of someone’s life. She shouldn’t even be thinking and hurry to save him before it’s too late.

Getting out of bed, she dressed quickly and then used the magic her grandmother taught her to transport herself. It was still not easy to perform it, and she had to try several times before it worked. She was so happy at first, but looking around she realized she ended up somewhere else. She found herself inside the dark cave where she first found him instead.

Her grandmother had told her to vividly imagine where she wanted to go. Heaven remembered the spooky house where Zamiel had kept her. Closing her eyes, she tried to envision it clearly, and this time it worked. She stood outside the old

house that looked abandoned and her heart began to beat erratically. She had to admit that she feared what she might find.

Either she would find something she hoped to never see or nothing. She hoped for the latter, but she would be more relieved if she found him safe and sound. Although that would put her in danger. He would not appreciate her visit.

Slowly she made her was inside. To her surprise, a few candles were lit, and the moonlight penetrated through the large windows without curtains. Walking further in, she smelled a familiar scent. The scent of rain and wet earth. She could tell he was here by the musky scent and she followed it to find her way around.

The scent led her to a room. Heaven’s eyes fell on the bed where someone was lying. Her heart skipped a beat, realizing she was in a dangerous creature’s home without permission. But she couldn’t help to take a closer look, just to ensure herself that he was alright.

He lay without a blanket and with his hair covering his face. She couldn’t tell if he was just sleeping since he wasn’t moving. She looked at his hands, the only part of his body that was visible. His fingers were bony and his skin pale, almost bluish. It was as if he was dead.

Without a second thought, she ran to his bed and began to shake him.

“Zamiel! Zamiel! Wake up!”

Oh Lord, she was too late.

When he didn’t respond she shook him harder, almost violently when he suddenly shot his eyes wide open.

He was startled, but Heaven let out a breath of relief.

“You are alive.” She said.

He was alive.

He blinked several times. It looked as if he had slept for days, but not healthily. His face looked thinner, his skin paler, and his lips were blue. He looked sick and starved.

“Are you alight?” She loomed over him where he lay.

He looked at her surprised, as if he couldn’t believe that she was there with him.

“Heaven?” His voice was strained, like someone who hasn’t spoken for days.

“Yes. It’s me.”

Stupid her.

He was just fine. What did she think would happen to him?

But what about the mark? Why did it fade away?

He sat up hastily, recoiling from her touch.

“I am sorry. I just thought something bad happened to you.” She explained.

He looked at her with eyes so cold she shivered.

“And why would you care?”

Good question. Why did she care?

“I don’t know. I just… the mark has faded away.”

His gaze traveled to her neck before looking at her again.

“Good. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

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Heaven wasn’t even sure what she wanted anymore.

“Now you can get married.” His eyes became dark.

He didn’t like the idea.

But then, as if unable to stand her nearness, he took himself out of bed and for away from her. He even refused to look at her while he stood in the corner. He looked afraid.

“I am not getting married anymore.”

Slowly, he lifted his gaze to hers.

“Why? I thought you had to?”

“Not anymore. I took a step to make a change. I decided to become the first Queen to rule.” She said proudly.

Zamiel just stared at her for a moment. She couldn’t tell if he was impressed or not. “Good for you. Now you should leave and never come back.”

His hands fisted at the sides of his body and his eyes turned red before he shut them tightly. When he opened them again, they returned to normal. But Heaven’s gaze was fixated on his month. His fangs had elongated, and she suddenly realized what was happening.

“You want to bite me again?”

She could tell he did not want to admit it. It seemed to her that wanting to bite her sickened him.

“Why did the mark fade away so quickly?” She asked.

“Because your people love to torture. They want me to keep biting you. Now go away, because I would rather kill than bite you again.”

To keep biting her was a torture?

Heaven didn’t know what to feel. She knew a mate’s urge to renew the mark could be very strong, sometimes to the point where it became painful. But that he would rather endure the pain than bite her told her clearly that he wanted nothing to do with her. His hate for witches was so strong, and it scared it. But it also made her curious to know what exactly happened to his family and how he was locked inside a coffin.

But right now it would be best for her to leave.

Getting up, she performed the same spell that took her here, while envisioning her room, but it didn’t work. Embarrassed, she glanced at Zamiel but he ignored her and she went back to try again. Still, it didn’t work.

She knew she would have to try several times like just like before, when suddenly Zamiel chuckled darkly.

“You can’t even perform a spell? What kind of witch are you?”

Anger boiled inside of her. “One that is also part demon and part human.”

“Or maybe just a useless one.”

Heaven knew he was trying to hurt her on purpose. So she tried to not get angry and try again.

“What is wrong?”

“I don’t know. It’s not working.” She hated to admit it. It made her feel weak.

“Why did you even come here?” He growled.

“I don’t want to be here either.”

“Then you wouldn’t have come here.”

“I was just…the mark faded away, and I wondered why. Don’t you?”

“No. I already know and it’s because I hate being your mate.” He emphasized the word hate.

He didn’t need to tell her. The resentment was evident in his gaze.

He shut his eyes again before opening them. She knew he was fighting the urge. She should leave as fast as she could but since the spell wasn’t working, she decided to leave the normal way and when she was a bit far away from him try again.

“I won’t come back to bother you.” She said and then headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” He asked, almost annoyed.

“You told me to leave.”

“Yes. The way you came. You are not thinking of walking back.”

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t. Maybe it’s better you walk back and get killed by some blood hungry demon. There are a lot of them out there and they can even sniff witch blood.”

Heaven wasn’t sure if he was warning her or just scaring her.

“I can protect myself.” She said.

“Says the person who can��t perform a simple spell.” He scoffed.

“It’s not that simple.”

Suddenly he was right in front of her, his face close to hers. His eyes gazing into her own, intensely. He would not compel her, would he?

“If you are thinking of compelling me to let you bite me, then don’t. I rather you do that without compulsion.”

“You won’t resist?”

Heaven just stared into his eyes, not knowing what to reply.


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