The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 27

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 27

Zamiel turned back and forth on the ground, groaning in pain. It wasn’t stopping. How long would it take until it was over?

Then abruptly he just stopped fighting it. He didn’t want to give Razia the satisfaction of seeing him suffer. He just lay there trying to move as little as possible. He told himself it would be over soon.

Razia crouched and then watched him where he lay. There was no emotion in her eyes. Only emptiness.

“Don’t hate me, Zamiel. I am just trying to help. You were not doing anything with your life, so I had to do something. You wanted to go into a deep slumber, I’ll help you with that. If you just slept here, anyone could come inside and hurt you. So I found the perfect place for you to sleep in and hide. A very comfortable coffin. It won’t be cold inside. I made sure it’s warm. You can sleep without worrying about anything. I will lock the coffin with a spell so that no one can open it.” She explained.

Then the look in her eyes changed, darkened. “But someone has to open it someday, right? You don’t want to be locked for eternity. How about this? Only someone with a witch and demon blood will be able to release you. Sadly, you don’t believe such creature will ever exist, but now at least you will hope they do. Because only that person can free you. If this mixed race creature never come to exist, then…” She shrugged. “You can sleep peacefully in your coffin knowing that you were right.”

She smiled, satisfied with her plan before a frown settled on her face. “I am missing something.” She said thoughtfully.

Zamiel listened while trying to focus on the anger instead of the pain.

“You hate witches, so let’s do this. If you get released, let’s hope you do, then the person who releases you will become your mate. But then she has to be a female.” She paused and thought for a while. “The first female with demon and witch blood will free you but bound you to her. Sounds poetic, doesn’t it?”

Zamiel glared at her, thinking of how his friend turned into this merciless person. Was it his fault? Did he make her this way?

Maybe this was his punishment for the horrible things he did and for not being able to protect his family.

Razia’s lips moved again. She was speaking to him, but he couldn’t hear her. Soon he couldn’t see her either. Darkness was swallowing him slowly until he drowned in it.

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When he opened his eyes, he was already inside the coffin. He tried everything in his power to get out of it, but nothing helped. He hoped Razia would calm down and come to release him, but she didn’t.

Years went by and he spent them in anger and agony. The darkness, the loneliness, the helplessness, it tortured him, tore him apart, ate at his heart until it was filled with nothing but darkness. Sometimes it felt like he was losing his sanity. How could his friend do this to him? He thought she would come back to him eventually, but now after almost two hundred years she had already passed away.

Now there was only one way for him out. The female with the mixed blood.

As an ancient demon he could get into anyone’s mind, so for years he jumped from mind to mind just to find her. After five hundred years, he gave up. He was exhausted, hungry and furious. Maybe it was good that he would never get released because if he did, he would wipe witches off the face of earth and he would start with the one to release him. That is, if he ever found her.

After enduring more years of torture, Zamiel decided to fall into a deep slumber despite knowing that he could miss the chance to find the mixed blood female. But he could just not endure the pain anymore. He was fed up of looking and needed recovery, so he fell asleep until a strange feeling woke him up.

The need to locate someone.

He tried to find his way through many minds until he ended up in the one he was looking for. It was a young girl with the greenest eyes and the darkest hair he had ever seen.

Zamiel knew it was her, and immediately he started his mission to make her release him. It was difficult staying in her mind, at first. He didn’t know why, so he appeared in her dreams instead. It was easier since she was relaxed and asleep. But even then, he couldn’t get to her in the beginning. It was as if she was denying him access into her mind. But Zamiel was slow and patient and thought of ways to make her curious or make her trust him so she would let him in. Eventually she did.

And soon the day he had waited for a thousand years came. He was released. He still remembered the first time she opened the lock, as if she had opened his lungs. He felt alive, breathing, smelling and seeing. But most of all, the hungering. He never felt anything like it before.

It wasn’t only an extreme urge to bite her, but also the need to feed himself. He was confused at first, not understanding this need to feed on someone. It was unnatural, but he had no control over it. His gums itches and once his teeth sunk into her flesh, the world around him faded away. He could only focus on the euphoric feeling her blood gave. The way he came alive again, felt alive again.

When he had enough he still continued. Almost draining the life out of her. Even if she was part demon, she was still part witch, and he planned to get rid of each and every one of them. Starting with her.

Then he heard her voice in the back.

“Please, save me.” She begged. “I.. I want to live.”

Zamiel’s body froze.

She wanted to live.

He wished he could say the same. But as he held her almost dying body in his arms, he couldn’t finish what he started. He couldn’t bring himself to do it no matter how much he tried to convince himself.

So he took her with him thinking that eventually his hate would come back and he would end her life. But his hate had always been there, still he hadn’t been able to kill her.

Now, because of his stupid decision to let her go, he was fighting something he wouldn’t have to, had he just killed her.


Why was it so difficult?

She was just a witch. What good did they do?

Even his friend whom he had watched over since she was a little girl had betrayed him. They killed innocent beings in the name of doing good and removing evil. What could be more evil than that?

The rest of them were all the same. Instead of condemning the act, they protected and praised the ones who committed the horrible crime. They were all the same.

But Heaven…

What was she doing to him? He should not trust her. She was probably bewitching him for her advantage. He would not fall into the trap of trusting a witch ever again.



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