The Devil In Her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 6

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 6

Suddenly the world around her disappeared and the only thing she could see was the mysterious stranger sitting alone at the dark corner. Unaware, she stood up from her seat and started to walk toward him. It was as if he was calling to her, pulling her toward him with an unknown force.

Heaven didn’t resist. She wanted to see him and to know him, but she couldn’t ignore the part of her that was terrified. He didn’t seem to have good intentions. What if he was an enemy and wanted to cause her harm? What if she was putting herself in a dangerous situation?

But again, the curious part of her was stronger than the fearful part. She wanted to know what he wanted from her, otherwise he would keep appearing in her dreams. Maybe even nightmares.

When she was close to where he was sitting he suddenly stood up and walked away.

“Wait!” Heaven called, but he ignored her and continued further.

Heaven lifted her dress slightly and hurried her steps. She pushed through people, keeping her gaze fixated on his back as to not lose him in the crowd. He was walking fast and getting further away from her.

Afraid that she would never get the chance to see him she began to run after him. She followed him out of the hall, then out of the mansion.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” She even waved her hand, but he kept on walking.

How could he be so fast? She was loosing him.

Soon he walked out of the gate and she was right behind him but when she came arrived at the gate, he was gone. Just like that, he disappeared.

Heaven kept looking around, confused as to why he ran away from her. Wasn’t he the one who visited her dreams every night?

She turned to the guards who stood at the gate. “Excuse me. Who is the man that just left?” She asked.

The guards looked at each other. “What man?” One of them asked.

Heaven looked closely at them. “Are you human?” She whispered.

“No, My Lady.” the other one grinned, showing his fangs.

Then how did they not see him? She was sure he left through the gate.

“Heaven!” Zarin came running to her. “Where did you go? You know I will be held responsible if something happens to you.” He scolded.

“Zarin, did you see the man with silver eyes?” It was as if she didn’t listen to what he was saying.

“No. Why?”

“Do you know a demon with silver eyes? Anyone with such eyes?” She asked desperately.

“No! Are you looking for someone?”

Heaven sighed. “I saw him in there. In the party. He just left.”

Zarin was utterly confused. “Who is he? Who are you talking about?”

Heaven kept staring at the gate. She lost him. Now, how would she know what he wanted?

“Heaven?” Zarin tapped her shoulder. “What is wrong?” He asked when she turned to him.

“Nothing. Let’s go home.” She said feeling disappointed.

Once they were back to her chamber Zarin gave her a questioning look. “What happened to you?”

“I don’t know.” Heaven said letting herself fall on her bed. She stared at the ceiling.

He exists, she thought to herself. She had just met the man in her dreams. What was he doing there?

“Heaven! Are you listening to me.” Zarin loomed over her.

“Zarin. I need to get some sleep before the morning comes. Thank you for taking me out.”

“Are you asking me to leave?” He asked, confounded.

She nodded. She needed to sleep in order to see the man in her dreams.

“Fine.” He said. Heaven could hear that he was upset, but he would forget about it by tomorrow.

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Once he left Heaven changed into her nightgown and hurried to get some sleep. Unfortunately, she woke the next morning without having a dream.

Wait! Why was she feeling sad about it? It was what she wanted. But now she was too curious, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

He had told her to remember him, then why didn’t he come to her? Why did he run away from her?

While pondering, alone in her room the door guard informed the Kings arrival.

Heaven turned to the door, and soon her father entered. A smile lit up his face upon seeing her, and he opened his arms for her.

Heaven ran into his embrace. With her father, she still felt like a child.

“My Princess.” He said holding her tightly and placing a kiss in her hair. “Did you sleep well?”

Heaven nodded. “And you?”

“I have slept well. Thank you. I have some free time and thought you might want to go to the market.”

“We are taking guards with us, right?”

“No. Only you and me.”

“But that is dangerous. I told you.” She felt like a parent scolding her child.

She knew her father felt bad for keeping her in the castle or sending many guards with her everytime she left, but she couldn’t blame him. He was only trying to keep her safe.

She remembered this one time when they left the castle and were attacked by demons who tried to kill her father. That day they were lucky. Her grandparents and Roshan were there to help them protect themselves.

Since then, Heaven feared for her father every time he left the castle. She would rather go by herself. No one would recognize her, anyway. Her father had kept her away from every demon and witch, while everyone knew him.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” He told her.

Heaven wondered what kind of plan her father had in mind. Whatever the plan was, she decided to trust him.

As to not get recognized by the citizens they dressed up as commoners and then rode into the market.

When they arrived Heaven realized that changing clothes wasn’t helping much. People gawked at them. Her father had every woman’s attention, and whispers and giggles followed soon. That didn’t seem to bother him. What bother him and her was the way men looked at her. It was with carnal fascination. Their eyes gleamed with l.u.s.t and if her father hadn’t been with her, she knew they would come up to her.

Heaven felt uncomfortable. She realized she didn’t belong here. Her father noticed her discomfort and tried to avert her attention to something else.

“Is there anything you would like to buy?” He asked.

Heaven looked around. There was nothing she didn’t own.

“Father, lets go to that lake with the ducks.” She said.

When she was little her father once took her to a beautiful lake where many ducks swam.

“All right.” Her father nodded.

They climbed their horses and then rode away.

Once they arrived they sat on the grass near the lake and watched the ducks swimming. It was calm and quiet. The only sound being heard was that of the nature. Birds singing, the wind blowing and trees moving to it.

Her father sat quietly next to her and even though his gaze was fixated on the lake, she knew he wasn’t looking at it. His mind was somewhere else.

“Heaven.” He finally spoke.

“Yes, father.”

He turned to her. “Are you happy?” He asked.

The question surprised her.

“Yes, father. Why?”

“You know. I wanted to give you a better life than mine and your mothers. I didn’t realize that I was giving you the same isolated and lonely life that your mother had. You didn’t choose this life and I…”

“Father,” Heaven cut him off and put her hand on his shoulder. “No one chooses the life they get born into. Neither did you nor mother. It’s not your fault. No one lives a perfect life. Everyone has different struggles and mine is to live secluded from society. But I have you and mother and Zarin and Gina and grandmother and grandfa…” Heaven abruptly stopped.

Grandfather was not in her life anymore. He left them. Heaven shook her head. She didn’t want to think of him now.

“What I am trying to say is that I am a happy father and I have never blamed you or mother.”

Her father put his arm around her shoulders. “I didn’t realize how much you have grown up and how wise you have become. You make me proud.” He smiled. “And about the marriage. Take your time. When I met your mother, my loneliness disappeared. Still, I never feel lonely. I hope you can find someone you can share everything with.”

Heaven smiled. “Me too. But father… the men I am meeting now are all humans. Shouldn’t I meet demons and witches as well?”

A frown settled on her father’s face. “Demons hate witches and witches demons.” He explained.

Oh, and she was both. No demon or witch would accept her as their partner.


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