The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 8

The Devil in her Dreams – Volume 3 – Chapter 8

Zarin introduced Heaven to his friend Lozan, a man who according to him knew almost every demon.

“You need to be more specific.” Lozan inquired when Zarin explained that he was looking for old male demons. “There are many old male demons.”

Zarin turned to Heaven. “Anything specific you would like?”

Heaven felt as if she was ordering a meal or buying clothes.

“Someone kind.” She said.

That made both Zarin and Lozan laugh out loud. “Your friend is funny.” Lozan told Zarin.

Zarin tried to hold in his laugh. “We are looking for someone who might be interested in finding a partner.”

“Oh,” Lozan turned to Heaven. “You can’t possibly have difficulty finding someone.” He said surprised. “But that’s not how it works with demons.”

“I know, I know. They have to be mates, but that will only happen once they meet, right?”

“All right. But why does it have to be an old demon?” Lozan asked.

“We have our reasons.” Was all Zarin said.

“How old are we talking about?”

“Well, at least five centuries old.” He looked at Heaven for approval.

Heaven had to think. That sounded a lot, but she decided to go with it for now.

“Preferably rich.” Zarin added.

“Then you are looking for a demon Lord.”

Heaven knew demon Lords were the ones that ruled over a group of demons. They were the leaders.

“That will do.” Zarin said.

Lozan seemed concerned. “Your friend seems to innocent to get involved with a demon lord.” He pointed out.

“She just looks innocent. It’s her charm.” Zarin explained.

Her charm? Heaven wanted to laugh.

“If you want to meet a demon Lord, you need to go to different kinds of parties. Ones that are heavily guarded, therefore you will need an invitation. I am sure you father can get you one easily. Once you are inside, your friend can use her charm. I am sure it will work effectively.” He grinned.

If Lozan knew almost every demon, then maybe he knew the silver-eyes stranger.

“Do you know a male demon with silver eyes?” Heaven asked.

Lozans expression became serious. “Silver eyes? That’s very rare nowadays. Have you seen one?” He asked.

“No, my friend has.” She lied.

“I don’t know if she is lucky or unlucky.” He said scaring her.


“Well, lucky because she got to see something rare. Unlucky because they are very dangerous and she might be in serious trouble if she provoked him.”

Now she was terrified.

“What do you mean they are dangerous?” She asked.

Lozan leaned in, his eyes gleaming with excitement of what he was about to tell her.

“They are the original ones. The created ones. They lived from the beginning of times, here on earth, before the humans were created. Even though all of them were demons, they were different by nature. There were the fire demons, they had fiery eyes. You could see the flames in their eyes.”

Heaven thought of her father’s eyes. But he didn’t exist from the beginning of times. Was it maybe because her grandfather did?

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“Then there were the smoke demons. They had metallic silver eyes, and the water demons had multicoloured eyes. When humans were created and sent to earth, the demons moved to the oceans. But the water demons wanted the waters for themselves, so they banished the fire demons and the smoke demons from the oceans and forced them to live on land. Amongst the humans. Now you probably understand why they are dangerous. They are ancient, therefore extremely powerful. Only a few of them exist today, and they usually conceal their eye colour so that no one can recognize them. Unless they really want to scare someone.”

“Why do only a few remain?” Heaven asked curiously.

“Living for many thousand years can become tiring, so some of them decided to move on to the afterlife. Others have gone into a deep slumber, planning to wake up when the world changes into something that might excite them.”

“How do you know all this?” Zarin was surprised by his friend’s knowledge.

“You have to know your history.” He winked. “Tell you friend to be careful, and if possible avoid him.” He then warned Heaven.

An original demon. Not centuries old, but ancient and powerful. That was bad news for her.

What could this original demon want from her? Maybe she should stop looking for him and hope that he never comes to see her again.

Heaven thanked Lozan for his help before turning to Zarin. “We should go home.” She said. “Where is Gina?”

Zarin said goodbye to his friend and then they both looked for Gina in the crowd. She was still with the handsome male who had asked her for a dance.

“We should leave her alone. She knows you’re with me.”

“Will she be alright alone?” Heaven asked.

“Trust me. This is not her first time.” Zarin assured.

Once they were back to her chamber, Heaven felt afraid. She didn’t let go of Zarin.

“Can’t you stay here tonight?” She asked.

Zarin gazed into her eyes for a long moment before he shut them tightly and pushed her away gently. When he opened his eyes, he took a deep breath before looking at her again.

“Is there something you are not telling me?” He asked. “Who is this silver-eyed demon? Is he troubling you?”

Heaven shook her head. “No. It’s just the nightmares again. Please stay.”

She could see that he didn’t believe her, and that was probably why he agreed to stay.

“Alright. Go and change.” He said.

“Thank you.”

Heaven hurried to change into her nightgown and when she came back, she found Zarin lying on her bed.

“What are you doing?”

“No more luxury for you Princess. If I am going to sleep here, then I am sleeping on the bed. You can try the sofa. If it doesn’t suit you, you are always welcome to sleep next to me.” He smirked.

Heaven wanted to slap the smirk out of his face but forced herself to smile at him instead. She was the one who asked him to stay, after all. “I’ll sleep on the sofa. Enjoy the bed.”

Taking her pillow and blanket, she lay down on the small sofa that barely fit her length. This was at least better than having nightmares, she comforted herself.


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