The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 35

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 35

Si Yi’s deep eyes scrutinized Yun Jian again.

His ears did not fail him, she had mentioned the sandalwood box just now.

The object in his hand was indeed the sandalwood box. – An ordinary girl knew it too?

“Young master, what do we do with these people?” The more mature-looking man standing beside Si Yi asked.

“These people” were none other than Yun Jian and Mu Xiang with her gang.

“Don’t kill me! No – no!” Mu Xiang was already trembling when she saw Si Yi lift his pistol. Now hearing their conversation, she could only crawl toward where she came from since she was already plopped to the ground.

Brother Hu and his lackeys had the color completely drained from their faces while they quivered.

Only Yun Jian stood still in silence, not freaking out despite the scene. It was as if they were just fooling around, habitual to one’s daily life.

“Let’s go.” Si Yi withdrew his gaze from Yun Jian and instructed the other two males.

Three tall silhouettes then disappeared from the spot briefly.

Yun Jian did not stop them.

The sandalwood box was no longer of much use to her. Her baby brother was dead and her previous life was not worthy of her reminiscence.

Quite the contrary, she was living in peace now and she no longer wished to know why she was reborn as well.

The alley returned to its usual stillness. The only indicator of what had happened just now was the middle-aged man’s corpse on the ground.

Nonetheless, the corpse would disappear by the next day.

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No matter which organization or group it was, there would be people who specialized in handling corpses and destroying any evidence left.

Yun Jian snickered and turned back to see Mu Xiang, Brother Hu and gang flee the spot in panic. She did not linger as well, moving toward the hospital that Qin Yirou was at.

The hospital wards at night were usually the quietest.

Staying with Qin Yirou for a while, Yun Jian headed home to sleep.

As usual, she was up early the next day and continued with her routine, carrying weights and running around Xinjiang Town for training.

Then, she went to the hospital to send Qin Yirou breakfast and went to school.

Once she entered the classroom, she met someone she did not want to see, Yuan Yingjun.

Yun Jian went around him, planning to just ignore the boy.

However, it was obvious that Yuan Yingjun was here for Yun Jian as he was determined to be in her way.

Yuan Yingjun was in Class (1) of the ninth grade and here he was in Class (6); who else if not her was looking for?

“Xiao Jian, let’s talk.” Yuan Yingjun could not help swallowing as he stared at Yun Jian’s face that seemed to be prettier each passing day.

“I don’t think we’re that close with each other, so please don’t call me Xiao Jian. My surname is Yun, first name Jian. Or you can address me as ‘schoolmate’.” Yun Jian returned Yuan Yingjun’s gaze with her arms crossed in front of her chest smiling when she saw that he was not moving away.

Yuan Yingjun’s youthful features darkened a little but he insisted on finishing his speech. “I’ve broken up with Lin Mengyu.”

“And what does it have to do with me?” Yun Jian retorted.

“I know about what happened that day. Lin Mengyu’s at fault. I’ve kept things under control,” Yuan Yingjun told Yun Jian and continued with feigned sincerity, “I was wrong in the past. I’m sorry. But please give me another chance. Would you be my girlfriend?”

Was this the reason the teachers and the principal did not come after her in regards to Lin Mengyu? Yuan Yingjun was trying to impress her and change her perception of him?


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