The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 36

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 36

The morning self-study session had not yet begun but there were already a considerable number of students who had arrived.

The news that Yuan Yingjun liked Yun Jian was not actually new in the school.

In spite of it, the gossipers in the class had still gassed about it once they heard that Yuan Yingjun had actually broken up with Lin Mengyu.

At the same time, their attention peaked at the swiftness of Yuan Yingjun proposing at Yun Jian to be his girlfriend when his breakup with Lin Mengyu had just happened.

The crowd wanted to see Yun Jian’s reaction.

It was a fact that Yuan Yingjun was Xinjiang Town Junior High School’s best looking boy; he was handsome and he came from a decent family.

At the very least, there were a bunch of girls in the school who would line up to be his girlfriend.

Therefore, the crowd assumed that Yun Jian would most probably agree.

“You done?”

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Just as they thought so, Yun Jian spoke with a tinge of vexation.

Yuan Yingjun had even felt that what he said just now was incredibly moving and he was confident that he would win Yun Jian over, only to hear her scoff.

“Move if you’re done. I still want to study, don’t disturb me.” Yun Jian refused to engage with Yuan Yingjun any longer, planning to take the longer router away from him to her desk.

“Xiao Jian, I mean what I say!” Yuan Yingjun was deaf to Yun Jian’s words. He rushed forward to block her from going to her seat.

Then, he persisted to pester her thinking that he was cool while doing so. “Xiao Jian, I really like you. Be my girlfriend. I’ll protect you and won’t let anyone bully you anymore!”

While saying so, Yuan Yingjun was thinking about how Yun Jian was acting pure and innocent; he would dump her right away after getting bored with her!

Many Class (6)’s girls whispered to each other while they looked at Yun Jian enviously after hearing Yuan Yingjun’s “sincere” words.

“Wow, the most popular guy really is acknowledged to be the school’s hottest boy! He’s so gentle and charming!”

“Yun Jian can stop putting on a show and look at herself in the mirror. The most handsome guy’s already humbled himself for her, what else does she want?”

Similar adoration and praises toward Yuan Yingjun poured continuously.

On the contrary, Class (6)’s girls who admired Yuan Yingjun hated Yun Jian even more.

“Not giving way, are you?” Yun Jian chuckled as she watched Yuan Yingjun who was standing in her way.

Did he think that she would have no way of going back to her seat by jamming her? Did he think that she would agree to be his girlfriend then?

If it were the timid original owner of her body in the past, she might really have agreed when forced to a corner, but Yun Jian now was not the old original self.

“Xiao Jian, I…” Yuan Yingjun was on his way to spewing more honey coated promises, thinking that Yun Jian must be made of steel when she could still hesitate facing an outstanding person like him… until he saw what she did.

Yun Jian’s leg extended to hook a chair while wearing half a smile; it was eerie to look at. However, the scene did not linger as she stepped onto the chair effortlessly and bent her knees next.

What occurred next shocked everyone.

When Yun Jian bent her knees and sprung up, she hopped off of the chair.

Nimble and controlled, she leaped in a bowed position and was at least two meters away from the floor when she flipped. She actually made it across Yuan Yingjun and landed stably.

The series of actions had taken only three seconds.

She had leveraged on the chair and flipped two meters high over Yuan Yingjun to smoothly sit herself down on her desk all within three seconds!

“Oh my god! That’s crazy! Did I just witness China’s traditional wushu! Is Yun Jian a human? She could slip so high up!”

After two seconds of silence in the classroom, the admiration and adoration of the boys broke out.


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