The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 41

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 41

“We don’t need outsiders pointing fingers at our household affairs. I’ll take care of my mom,” Yun Jian told Qin Junlan.

“Outsiders pointing fingers” was no doubt Qin Junlan.

Once Qin Junlan heard Yun Jian calling her a busybody and wanted to explode, she endured it due to her previous considerations. However, she thought about it and was disgruntled, deciding that she wanted to say more.

Out of the blue, Yun Jian felt the changes in the atmosphere.

“Tss! Tss!”

She caught two soft sounds that would usually go unnoticed by a normal person.

As a secret agent in her previous life, Yun Jian was a survivor who lived on stepping across countless corpses; she had survived only after killing the children who were also seized and trained by the organization.

During those times, being slightly off guard would mean being killed by her peers. She had no choice but to kill her peers and her friends if she wished to stay alive.

Consequently, Yun Jian who had survived under such circ.u.mstances was extremely sensitive to soft noises that the ordinary people could not notice.

A bullet from a silencer!

There was a sniper around them!

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As Yun Jian, Yun Yi and Xu Haozhe stood by the room’s entrance, they were right in the middle of the doorway. The sound of the bullet came from the window in the room that was open for ventilation.

Before she could contemplate, Yun Jian had stretched her leg and kicked Qin Junlan.

The latter fell instantly without being able to react from the pain.

At the same time, Yun Jian’s hand flew to tug at Yun Yi before pushing him to the floor, doing the same to Xu Haozhe with her other hand, while she turned away to avoid the ambush.

Two bullets that came from a silencer slid past her cheeks respectively and catapulted into the white wall behind her, creating two unmistakable holes.

Yun Jian who avoided the bullets squinted her eyes.

She was rebirthed and had no enemy now. The target of the sniper was certainly not her.

From the direction of the ambush, the sniper actually wanted to kill… him – Xu Haozhe!

The three people whom Yun Jian had pushed to the floor had no idea what happened.

Shot from a silencer rifle, the bullets merely made the tiniest noise that could not be heard if one were not a professional.

In other words, one would probably not know the cause of death even if one was shot.

Qin Junlan who was shoved by Yun Jian could no longer reel herself back. She had thought that the girl had knocked her to the floor on purpose to embarrass her. Standing up, she shouted at Yun Jian, “What are you doing, Yun Jian! Are you going to hit your own aunt? You impudent girl, do you have any morals…”

Yun Yi also stroked his head as he picked himself up in a daze, looking at his baby sister who had pushed him for nothing.

It was Xu Haozhe who seemed to be struck by realization but heard Yun Jian saying curtly just as he stood up, “There’s a sniper here. Leave quickly!”

A sniper?

It was not the first time the group had heard this word. A sniper was a gunman who usually appeared in movies.

Qin Junlan scolded aloud once she heard Yun Jian’s words.

“A sniper? Why is there a sniper out of the blue? You kids have watched too many movies, haven’t you? Delusional now, aren’t you? Nonsense, nonsense…” Qin Junlan suddenly bit her tongue.

Right in front of her, two big holes on the clean wall greeted her.

The glaring bullets were stuck in the center having penetrated the wall.

From the position, the first bullet would be going through Qin Junlan’s head instead if Yun Jian had not tripped her just now.

“Ah! Ah…” Qin Junlan began crying out of fright as she shook like a leaf upon realization.

Oh god, would she have survived if the bullet had punctured her head just now…

Yun Yi and Xu Haozhe had similarly noticed the two bullets embedded on the wall.

Both of them looked back at Yun Jian in disbelief.

There was really a sniper around and if it were not for Yun Jian’s spontaneity, the consequences were unimaginable…

In spite of it, Yun Yi thought that he knew Yun Jian well as her elder brother yet his sister had…

Yun Jian’s rushed voice came again. “Both of you, leave now. Find a place and hide! Quick!”

The sniper hiding would shoot at Xu Haozhe again once their angle was again adjusted.


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