The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Volume 1 Chapter 45

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Volume 1 Chapter 45

A welcoming party? Yun Jian was bewildered. It was held to welcome her into the basketball team?

Yun Jian was flummoxed because this was the first time a welcoming party was held to celebrate her addition into the group.

“Hey, what’s up?” Li Xiangyi waved his hand in front of Yun Jian seeing that she showed no reaction.

“Oh, go on.” Yun Jian signaled that she was still listening.

“It’s set then. Six o’clock this evening. Head straight to the bar to meet up with the rest.” Li Xiangyi chuckled and bid goodbye after he finished his message.

“Mm.” Yun Jian nodded, pressing her lips together.

Yun Jian made her way into her house after Li Xiangyi left but a frown etched between her brows once she opened the door.

The living room greeting her sight was supposed to be clean and tidy but it looked like a burglar had swept the space upside down.

The rubbish inside the trashcan on the floor was spilled everywhere while cabinets and drawers were opened. It was evident that someone had rummaged through everything.

From the living room to the kitchen and to the bedroom, the clutter and mess were unbelievable.

What happened at home when she was in Longmen City?

“Hah, hah, hah….”

Brisk footsteps came from the door as a panting girl stepped through approaching Yun Jian.

Simultaneously, Yun Jian was able to properly see the girl.

It was a dainty girl who looked like a goody two shoes; she was probably thirteen or fourteen years old but was petite in size.

Raking through her memory, Yun Jian knew that this was her uncle’s daughter, Yun Xiaoya, who usually did not interact much with the original owner of her body. Why was she here at her house today?

Yun Xiaoya huffed and puffed several times and ignored her breathlessness from running too fast to cry out to Yun Jian, “Sis, uncle has a nasty woman outside and that nasty woman came here today. She’s at the community hall right now fighting auntie!”

Yun Xiaoya was the daughter of Yun Jian’s uncle, so the uncle Yun Xiaoya referred to was Yun Jian’s current father, Yun Gang.

The auntie Yun Xiaoya spoke of was naturally, Qin Yirou.

Yun Jian’s eyes twitched. She thought that Qin Yirou was working at the factory.

That was not the point.

Point was, Yun Gang had a mistress?

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As a father of two children, Yun Gang had fled into disappearance after borrowing from the loan sharks and being unable to repay his debt, throwing the burden to his family.

Now, he was keeping a mistress outside?

More crucially, the mistress was here to beat her mother up when the man had vanished for days?

Yun Jian was infuriated.

“Let’s go!” She called out to Yun Xiaoya and was already out of the door to the community hall, not even shutting it tight.

At the entrance of Xinjiang Town Community Hall, people in town were gathered to watch the drama unfolding there and then.

A woman who was dressed rather fashionably was violently grabbing Qin Yirou’s hair with her heavily manicured hand and assaulting her right near the center door.

The crowd tried to pull her away but her strength was too great and they were unable to separate the women.

Qin Yirou felt like her scalp was being torn apart. Her hands were still recovering so she was weak to begin with; there was no way she could overcome that woman. Helpless, she could only endure the pain of her hair being yanked around.

“Old woman! Old hag! How dare you compete against me with how you look! You must be blind!” The mistress spat whilst vehemently jerking Qin Yirou’s hair.

The passersby shook their head sighing. This was a mistress yet she sounded so righteous. What was happening to the world?

This was the scene that Yun Jian witnessed when she got here.

The mistress was wrenching Qin Yirou’s hair left and right while people around them who wanted to stop her were pushed away.

The flame of fury erupted within Yun Jian. This was the first time she was so livid.

The situation was turbulent and getting out of control.

Swiftly, Yun Jian was in front of the mistress with a few steps.

The crowd was surprised.

Who was this girl who had suddenly appeared?

Before anyone could figure out, Yun Jian was already in front of the heated woman and flung her wrist.

“Slap!” A smack landed on the mistress’ cheek.

The strike was incredibly powerful.

Forced to let go of her vice grip on Qin Yirou’s hair from the momentum, the mistress’ face was almost deformed by Yun Jian’s force.

She fell onto the ground with a thud, shocking the audience.

They knew how strong the mistress was as she could keep her clenching fist on Qin Yirou’s hair despite numerous people pulling her away.

Yet this young girl who had appeared out of nowhere had just flung the woman away the moment she got here!

How powerful must her slap be when it nearly contorted the woman’s face!


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