The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 54

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 54

Principal Lin’s expression looked as if he had eaten a frog.

The position he held today did not come easy. If he were to be caught with a lover with his status as a school principal, people would write essays about it.

Once the higher authority investigated the matter, he could bid farewell to his position as the headmaster!

In addition, his wife at home was not the sweetest of temper. If the cat was out of the bag, his reputation would be gone!

Principal Lin looked at Yun Jian to see the girl grinning at him with a huge sense of threat.

“Dad, ignore Yun Jian. She’s always like saying strange things that don’t make sense. Make her leave quickly. Hmph.” Lin Mengyu urged Principal Lin, thinking Yun Jian was acting foolish just now.

She thought that her father who had always spoiled her would reprimand Yun Jian but his next move dropped everyone’s jaw.

“Mengyu, shut up!” When everyone assumed that Principal Lin would berate Yun Jian, he had instead scolded his daughter, Lin Mengyu.

At the receiving end of her father’s reprimand, Lin Mengyu was stunned for a while before she looked at her father in disbelief. “Dad, did you – did you shout at me?”

Her father had always been the best to her since she was young. No matter how mischievous she was or if she had fought in school, her father was always on her side and had never shouted at her like he did today.

The teachers were bewildered at the scene.

Why did Yun Jian’s short response cause Principal Lin to chide his daughter when he was incredibly biased standing on her side a few seconds earlier?

“Dad, I’m your daughter! Why are you scolding me for that bitch Yun Jian? You’ve never done this to me…” Lin Mengyu felt extremely wronged, questioning her father with her finger pointed at Yun Jian, but she was cut off.


A resounding slap.

Principal Lin had landed a slap on his daughter’s face.

Almost instantly, Lin Mengyu’s cheek burned as a bright red mark of a palm appeared.

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Bearing the pain, Principal Lin smacked his daughter and continued shouting at her, his fat body shaking, “I ask you to shut up, okay!”

To be honest, Principal Lin was still scared of Yun Jian spreading the fact that he had a lover. Not only would he lose face by then, but his job as the principal would also be taken away.

That price was too much to pay, so he would absolutely not allow something like this to happen.

Yun Jian crossed her arms as she watched the drama develop right before her.

She had long expected today, thus she had researched Principal Lin’s personal information on the global secret agent intelligence database when she previously visited the internet café. The outcome was the interesting discovery that she now pinned against him.

“Ah! Yun Jian! It’s you, it’s all you! I’m going to kill you! I’m gonna kill you!”

Lin Mengyu was never as humiliated as she was today. Her father had actually slapped her! Absolutely no one had ever treated her like this since she was a small kid!

This was all due to Yun Jian!

Yuan Yingjun had broken up with her because of Yun Jian as well!

Blinded by fury and hatred, Lin Mengyu grabbed a black pen on the table that was the nearest to her and charged at Yun Jian.

Lin Mengyu gripped the pen with its tip faced down, about to stab Yun Jian with it.

The watching crowd all sucked in a cold breath.

Lin Mengyu was going to stab Yun Jian with a pen – this was a life and death situation!

“Ah!” A few female teachers in the office had already turned away, unable to watch what was going to unfold.

There were only a few others who were brave enough to continue watching but their hearts had lurched to their throats too.

Just as Lin Mengyu was going to jab the pen into Yun Jian, Yun Jian raised her leg and extended it abruptly.

It landed right on Lin Mengyu’s stomach without mercy.

Kicking directly on her newly recovered injury, Lin Mengyu flew a few meters away screaming.

Yun Jian retracted her leg with a chilling arc.

She would kill those who wished her dead first!


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