The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 59

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 59

The weekend flew by and it was back to school in a blink of an eye.

The basketball match was one week later, so Li Xiangyi and the rest of the team were training more diligently.

Yun Jian did not join their intensive training. She was granted the exception.

After all, no one would object, Yun Jian’s skill spoke for her.

“Xiao Jian, our evening self-study session today is canceled! It’s said that we’re having a class activity tonight and we’re asked to go up on stage to perform! Our homeroom teacher agreed too, saying that we can relax and recalibrate our study motivation!”

Lu Feiyan had attached herself to Yun Jian’s ear once the art lesson ended in the afternoon, beyond excited.

Year after year, they have finally reached the ninth grade, about to face the first ever crucial exam in their life, the high school entrance exam.

The students could hardly write in the correct state of mind or study properly under such pressure.

Consequently, the class committee had a meeting and appealed for special permission from their homeroom teacher to organize something to boost the class’ morale using one evening self-study session.

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The classmates were overjoyed when they heard that there was no evening self-study session in addition to having an event. Lu Feiyan was the same.

That was why she had sprinted to Yun Jian to tell her the news once class was over.

“Oh.” Yun Jian was not really interested, going for a nap on her desk instead.

“Ay, ay, Xiao Jian, don’t look so indifferent. There’s hardly an event and once this event is over, we won’t have time to play anymore. We’ll have to study hard after this. You should be happier!” Lu Feiyan said with a pout.

She seemed to recall something and continued talking to Yun Jian, “Oh yeah, Xiao Jian, the registration for the evening performance is still open. I’ve put my name in, I can sing to make everyone feel a bit merrier. Do you want to do it with me?”

“Nah.” It was only then that Yun Jian looked up at Lu Feiyan with a smile pressing her lips together.

“Oh, okay then.” Lu Feiyan did not press her further.

The time for the evening self-study session came.

Anyone in class could go up on stage and perform by registering their name with the class committee as the purpose of the event was none other than to ease the tension engulfing everyone.

A song or a dance, anything was welcomed.

The activity was actually Chinese class representative Wang Rourou’s initiative. As a matter of fact, she was fully in charge of emceeing the event.

It was previously clear to see that Wang Rourou loved being in the limelight or else she would not have gossiped about Yun Jian right in front of the entire class.

The atmosphere was indeed lively during the event. Lu Feiyan had gone up on stage and sang too, her sweet voice earned an applause from the whole class.

Yun Jian clapped for Lu Feiyan as well, watching her from her seat.

After Lu Feiyan exited the stage, Wang Rourou suddenly peeked at Yun Jian with an internal scoff, seemingly up to no good, while holding the list of her classmates’ turns in performing.

“The next one’s Yun Jian. She’s going to dance for us. Let’s give her a round of applause!” Wang Rourou announced and looked spitefully at Yun Jian.

Undoubtedly, Wang Rourou held a grudge. She had added Yun Jian’s name to the performing list remembering that Yun Jian had blatantly ignored her the last time.

Wang Rourou knew about Yun Jian’s background as well.

How could she have learned dancing when she came from the village?

Hmph. She had already written her name. Yun Jian must dance even if she did not want to!

An eerie grin stretched on Wang Rourou’s face.

She was anticipating Yun Jian’s mortification. It was her fault that she made the situation awkward for her the other day.

This was what the poor deserved. This was Yun Jian’s fault.


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