The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 62

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 62

“Haha, what are you doing on that pole, Yun Jian?” Wang Rourou was stupid. She had not realized yet what Yun Jian was going to do and could not help mocking her once again.

Then, a scene that baffled her unfolded.

Yun Jian had one hand gripped on the pole while her legs wrapped onto it as she began to spin around.

Each and every one of her movements was alluring and bewitching, yet accompanied the tempo of her dance, it had a classical feel.

There was no music playing in the background, despite that Yun Jian’s pole dancing captivated everyone.

Lifting her legs, arching her back, creating leg splits, she executed each move with perfection.

Other than watching with widened eyes, Wang Rourou was unable to say a word.

She had wanted to mortify Yun Jian, but even a fool could see that Yun Jian could not have achieved such finesse in dancing without years of practice.

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Yun Jian actually knew how to pole dance? Yuan Yingjun from the first class was stunned.

Everyone had always known that Yun Jian was pretty. However, she usually wore loose ordinary clothes that concealed her figure.

There was a sense of strength within the gracefulness of her pole dancing, especially when she landed various poses. Her loose fitting clothes clung to her body, outlining her marvelous shape and her impeccably slim figure.

“Oh my god, it’s beautiful!”

A boy exclaimed from the crowd.

The atmosphere hit its peak at this point in time.

Right until the end of the performance, the audience was still immersed in the fervent emotion, unable to break themselves out of their trance.

Yun Jian landed easily and tugged a smile at Wang Rourou.

The latter’s emotions could no longer be described as just shocked. Her expression looked glummer than one who had eaten a frog.

Yun Jian reeled in her gaze and returned to the classroom.

As a secret agent in her past life, pole dancing was a genre of dance that she was obligated to learn. In spite of it, she was able to master the dance and exude a different type of vibe.

It was just that she did not expect tonight’s performance to be in front of everyone.

Yun Jian went to Wang Rourou and chuckled. “I’ve completed my dance.”

Without waiting for a reply, she headed back to the classroom.

“Hey, Xiao Jian!” Before she could make it into the classroom, she was stopped by Yuan Yingjun who had run out from Class (1).

Yun Jian could recognize his voice right away.

“Xiao Jian, have you forgiven me? Is that why you’ve danced outside, was it specifically for me?” Yuan Yingjun had fled from embarrassment the last time but he was still determined.

He did not think that Yun Jian would actually dislike him, merely believing she previously was just throwing a tantrum.

After all, she could not find another boy who was as amazing as he was in the entire Xinjiang Town, could she?

Moreover, why did Yun Jian dance outside where he could see if it were not for this reason?

Yun Jian was close to bursting out in laughter when she heard Yuan Yingjun’s words.

She had never met someone as shameless as him.

She had made herself clear countless times, yet Yuan Yingjun was persistent.

What could she do? When the original Yun Jian was still alive, Yuan Yingjun was already unrelenting, despite still being together with Lin Mengyu. He was like a gum stuck under one’s shoes.

Yuan Yingjun was utterly shameless huh?

Yun Jian chortled and said, “We’re not close. What’s there to forgive? I danced outside because I needed the pole there. How is it relevant to you?”


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