The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 64

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 64

Before the sun rose the next day, Yun Jian had already run several laps around Xinjiang Town. She was heading home to pick up her school bag when she saw a weeping Qin Yirou and a few people sitting beside her once she entered her house.

She saw her uncle that she previously met, Yun Zheng.

There were two elders sitting beside him.

They were no outsiders, they were her grandparents.

Whether it was Qin Yirou, Yun Zheng, grandfather Yun Zhong or grandmother Lu Lanhua, no one looked cheery.

“What do you mean divorce? You’re married into the Yun Family, you’re a member of Yun for life. Isn’t it good to spend the rest of your days peacefully with Gang? He’s made a few little mistakes now, but you should accommodate him. It’s just borrowing money from the loan sharks. Besides, which man doesn’t cheat? Don’t you try and act miserable. No way you can divorce Gang!” Grandmother Lu Lanhua who wore brightly patterned clothes blabbered while pointing at Qin Yirou.

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“Mom, this doesn’t make sense. It’s Gang who’s wrong…” Unable to take it, Yun Zheng stepped out to speak for his sister-in-law.

His sister-in-law, Qin Yirou, was adamant about the divorce but when his parents heard about it, they rushed over at once and rebuked her without understanding the situation.

There was only one goal from them, that was to stop Qin Yirou and Yun Gang’s divorce!

As Yun Gang was not around, it was difficult to make the decision.

Yun Zheng understood that it was his younger brother who was at fault. That was why he wanted to help Qin Yirou.

In spite of it, once he spoke up, Lu Lanhua was further angered and reprimanded the man as well.

“Oh wow, why are you helping an outsider now, Zheng? I won’t agree anyway! Unless I’m dead!” Lu Lanhua was overbearing and being unreasonable.

How could she agree to Qin Yirou divorcing her son, Yun Gang?

Her son had lived an easy life all these years because Qin Yirou had toiled hard to feed the family!

If both of them were to divorce, she might have to take care of her good-for-nothing son in addition to not receiving any benefit!

The old woman must keep Qin Yirou around as a laborer regardless.

Grandfather Yun Zhong did not say anything. Instead, he took puffs from his tobacco pipe with a serious look.

With how imperious Lu Lanhua was being, Qin Yirou could only weep. She did not have the courage to defy an elder.

In addition, Yun Jian’s grandmother, Lu Lanhua was infamously shrewish and spiteful in the town. She was exceptionally sharp-tongued and absurd.

Never in this world would Qin Yirou be able to fight Lu Lanhua.

“You can die then.” Yun Jian who heard Lu Lanhua’s death threat by the door said with a flat tone, as she walked in calmly despite her alarming words.

Qin Yirou had suffered enough through the years she was married to Yun Gang.

Now that the man had even borrowed from loan sharks, ran away, cheated, and caused his kept mistress to come and harass her, it marked the end of their marriage.

Furthermore, no one knew where Yun Gang had fled to now.

Yun Jian’s sudden appearance surprised the group.

Her reply to Lu Lanhua, asking her to just die stunned them.

Yun Jian had always been a docile child. How could she have said something like that to her grandmother today?


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