The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 73

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent – Volume 1 Chapter 73

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The Eve Of Departure, The Promise Of One Year

Si Yi was also surprised when his deep eyes caught a glimpse of Yun Jian. Why was the girl he had encountered that day here? Regardless, his expression remained stoic.

    Walking over with his tall figure, Si Yi glanced at Yun Jian with his narrow eyes and greeted Dong Ruan curtly. “Aunt.”


    Yun Jian was astonished. The man’s nonchalance after killing someone that day and his ability to drive away the secret agent, Enchantress, who was ranked tenth among secret agents was evidence that he was mysterious and unpredictable.

    She did not know who he was but she knew that someone who could make Enchantress give in was definitely a presence to be wary of.

    Such a person was actually the relative of her mother’s best friend?

    As she thought about this, Si Yi had already entered through the door and walked past them. His tall and lean figure disappeared from their sight swiftly.

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    Dong Ruan could only grin awkwardly at Qin Yirou and Yun Jian as she explained, “This is my elder sister’s kid. He’s spent a lot of years abroad and has only come back for a few days recently… The child isn’t good with strangers. Yirou, don’t mind him!”

    “Of course not. He’s quite good looking and looks quite like you, Xiao Ruan!” Qin Yirou said with a hand over her mouth chuckling, not at all minding the boy’s cold treatment.

    Soon, Dong Ruan and Qin Yirou continued with their endless chatter.

    Yun Jian stood here with a slight frown, not at all impatient.

    She pondered about it but she could not figure it out. Alas, she instead gave up.

    Dong Ruan let Qin Yirou and Yun Jian stay during noon to have lunch at her place, before allowing them to head back to Xinjiang Town. Unable to refuse her, both of them stayed for the meal.

    However, Yun Jian had not seen Si Yi after that.

    After lunch, she and Qin Yirou went back to town.

    According to Dong Ruan, she would handle the school transfer procedure for Yun Jian in the upcoming days. She had a lot of connections in Longmen City. When she was done with the procedure, she would inform Qin Yirou.

    Then, Yun Jian and Qin Yirou would move out of that house and temporarily stay at Dong Ruan’s.

    Yun Jian was unable to tell Qin Yirou directly that she had the money to buy a house in cash in Longmen City.

    In short, they would just relocate there first and she would plan her next course of action later.

    As they were moving away from Xinjiang Town, Qin Yirou was still somehow heavyhearted, using the remaining days she had to bid farewell with her neighbors. She reminded Yun Jian as well, “Xiao Jian, your Aunt Dong says that your transfer will mostly be approved the week after next. You still have a week in Xinjiang Town Junior High, you should say goodbye to your friends properly! Don’t forget to let your teacher know too.”

    Yun Jian nodded and answered, “I know, mom.”

    Transferring school soon, she did not know how to mention it to Lu Feiyan.

    Lu Feiyan was the original body’s best friend and she had been nothing but wonderful towards her. Yun Jian had genuinely seen Lu Feiyan as her friend. In addition, the latter would be reluctant for her to leave.

    As expected, the girl cried when Yun Jian told her about the matter. She was both laughing and crying as she said, “Xiao Jian, it’s good news that you can directly transfer to Yi High. Even the last ranking students there are able to get into the number two ranked foreign language high school in our city! You must study well there!”

    “Don’t cry anymore.” Yun Jian did not know how to comfort people and could only pass Lu Feiyan a tissue for her to wipe her tears.

    After that, she winked at Lu Feiyan. “Study hard. Let’s go into Di Yi High School together.”

    Lu Feiyan did not grumble about the school being a hard target to achieve anymore. She gritted her teeth and broke out a grin. “That’s right. Xiao Jian, we can get into the same school after a year!”

    Simultaneously in the school’s teacher’s office, a teacher, who was sorting through the test papers from the joint monthly examination between the five schools, exclaimed in incredible disbelief, “Perfect score! It’s another perfect score! This student from Class (6) of ninth grade took four tests and scored perfect full marks in all papers! Oh my god!”

    What the teacher said attracted the other teachers’ attention.


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