Top 5 Heart-Warming And Long Love Letters For Her

Your girl deserves your Love; shower her with Love, and Heart-Warming And Long Love Letters For Her can do the magic. You don’t have an idea of what it means for a girl to begin her day with a smile. Yes, gifts can create such a smile on their face, but Heart-Warming And Long Love Letters For Her works like magic.

Do you have someone in your life that you adore? Show how much you appreciate him or her by giving them a unique and thoughtfully-written love paragraphs.

Many of us might not be used to writing letters anymore. But there is something incredibly romantic about a letter, especially when it is written to a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. We often rely on special occasions and holidays to express our feelings to our significant others by giving them greeting cards with special messages written on them. If you dislike writing handwritten letters, you can always opt for emails. A quick romantic email describing your love will surely have a positive effect as well. There are also plenty of digital e-card providers where you can write a cute love paragraph to brighten up your partners day.

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long love letters for her

Long Letters For Her With Love

Long Letters For Her With Love #1

I woke up today with a desire to write you a love letter. Perhaps, it sounds a bit silly but thought I’d still give it a try. It’s just that I have all of these feelings inside me when I am with you. And I am doing my best to put the way I feel about you into words. Even though we can’t see each other right now, I keep picturing how you look now in my head. I can see your soft long hair that falls down your shoulders. I see your lovely smile and your kind look right before you laugh. Right now, I want to be with you so badly. It’s true. I don’t want to hold anything back from you. It’s strange, but I really can feel you can feel that you are close to me even though we are far apart. Trust me when I say that I love you more than anyone.

Long Letters For Her With Love #2

Darling, I have a confession to make. The first time I saw you, something inside me clicked, and I knew from that very moment that I had found someone special. Ever since then, all I ever wanted is to be next to you. Your smile makes my day brighter, seeing you feel happy ensures me that I am in the right direction. Your heart is the most loving and forgiving. I just want you to know that you will be in the center of my attention for the rest of my life. I promise I will do whatever it takes to keep you happy all the time. Our friendship will be everlasting. We are two souls that can’t live in isolation, and that’s why we are inseparable. The day I will finally find you sleeping in my arms will be the best day of my life and the happiest one. Thank you for always being there for me.

Long Letters For Her With Love #3

Darling, our relationship is very special, and we both know that. It is needless to say about how much in love the two of us are. When I look back at my life, I see that the moment we first met was the best moment of my life. I couldn’t figure out why I found you so special. But every second spent with you was so enchanting that it seemed unbearable to be without you even for a moment. It is always so hard for me to concentrate on my work because you are always on my mind. There were times when you weren’t around, and I couldn’t find myself a place so that I would call you up for no reason. I opened up about my feelings without even realizing it somewhere along the way. I managed to build a deep love that no one ever will destroy. I am madly in love with you, my darling.

Long Letters For Her With Love #4

My darling,
Now I am sure that before I met you, I never knew what true love was. It is like a dream to have you as my sweetheart. You know that when it comes to speaking my feelings in front of you, I become speechless and weak. That’s the reason why I decided to take a pen and write down my feelings on a piece of paper. I just couldn’t miss a chance to tell you that you are my angel, my soulmate, my best friend, my companion, and the only one I love. And I will love you till the end of time. I am madly and deeply in love with your sincere smile, with the sparks in your eyes, with a gentle touch of your hand and the whole essence of what we share as a couple. I love to spend every moment of my life with you, and I cherish these moments. And I can confidently say that I am the luckiest person in the world because I have you in my life. You mean the world to me. I love you.
Forever yours.

Long Letters For Her With Love #5

For my beloved,
To me, you are the most precious girl. I can see your face everywhere I go. The funny thing is, I can’t recall how it all started, and I have no idea if it will end, but I want to be honest and don’t want to pretend. Here and now, you add the meaning to my life. You are the only reason why I am happy. Each morning when I wake up, you are the first thing on my mind, and this makes my day. And there come the night and your image I see in dreams which makes them sweeter. And I ask myself whether it is possible to love somebody that much. Then the answer comes straight from my heart. It says it is. You are the love of my life, the one and only. In this letter, I want to express my love for you since I want to be true to my feelings. I love you, my sweetheart, I do. I won’t live a second without you.

Long Letters For Her With Love #6

Darling, I won’t tell a lie, saying that the whole idea of the “perfect woman” wasn’t ridiculous to me. I mean, I thought that it was stupid to believe that there could be someone so special and perfect that a person would be ready to move heaven and earth to be with her. This whole thing sounded like something only a teenager in love would come up with. And then I met you, and it felt like a ton of bricks hit me, and I changed my mind about the idea of the perfect woman. As soon as I saw you, I knew that you were everything I had ever wanted. All of your flaws and your perfections make the woman of my dreams. You are not perfect in terms of doing no wrong at all. But you are perfect to me in the sense that the parts of you perfectly fit into the parts of me. You complete me. I finally found something that’s was missing. I love you.

Long Letters For Her With Love #7

The most important thing is to find that special someone, a loving friend who becomes a life partner. What can be greater than that? And I found everything in you. You are the only one who understands me, knows me, helps me, loves me the way I am… I hope you will soon realize that these are not just words. I talk from the bottom of my heart. I want to give you a promise to share all the burdens of life. You will see we will have a wonderful time together. I also promise to be a good and responsible partner and the best father for our future kids. I can only hope that you have the same committed attitude towards me. Love you, sweetie.


long love letters for her from the heart

Top 5 Thoughtful And Amazing Love Letters to My Wife

Amazing Love Letters to My Wife #1

My love is forever yours. Come rain and sunshine, I will treat you like a diamond and will never let you stay a mile from me. Even if you are far away from me, you will never leave my heart even for a second. My love for you will blossom until my dying days because I have felt purpose and I want to show you, love.
While I might not have the most tantalizing words at my disposal to express my love to you, I will manage these three words (I love you) to let you know that my world revolves around you all year round.
You know how I feel about you, I want you to also know that there is no mistaking in it. My love for you is real and I will love you forever because you are the only one that deserved to be loved this tenderly.

Amazing Love Letters to My Wife #2

Sometimes I get caught up with life issues and I start to worry, I get down and alone in thoughts, I feel like a lost child without a home, but the kind of love you give me just keeps me hanging on, all I will ever need is you, thank you for being there for me, love you so much

Amazing Love Letters to My Wife #3

You mean the world to me, I say this from the bottom of my heart. You have proven to me that love doesn’t cost a thing, because I can’t possibly imagine what I could have done to deserve this kind of love, thank you for sharing part of your heart with me, I promise to handle and guide it with my life. I will love you forever and nothing can change that.

Amazing Love Letters to My Wife #4

From high school to dating and from being mere strangers to being love birds, my life has been so great with you, it’s been a joyride all through, I will love to step it up to the next level because you will make me the perfect wife. I feel so special to have known someone like you, I love you so much pretty.

Amazing Love Letters to My Wife #5

Seeing you smile means a great deal for me, I would never want to see you sad. I would do anything humanly possible to keep your face all glomming with smiles and laughter, because your love is everything to me. It’s even more than what I bargained for, I am glad I have got you, I love you so much.

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long love letter

Top 5 Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend

Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend #1

My sweetie,
Loving you disclosed lots of things to me — things I thought never existed. At a certain point in my life, I had to scan my life, and afterward, I noticed that you’re all I need to survive. You are the air my nostrils needs, the food which my soul needs. You are my heartbeat — this is the reason why I don’t want to lose you because I won’t be able to bear the pain. If Love was taken as the biggest challenge in the world, then I should be given the price because I’ve conquered it. What I feel for you is so strong, I haven’t felt that way for anyone else.

You have given me a perfect and extraordinary gift, only my heart can understand. You have trapped me in the web of Love because loving you is now like a sickness, and I can’t stop myself from having an enormous amount of Love for you. You are the best friend I never had, and you’re also a family to me — the family I never had. Meeting with you has shown me how beautiful and marvelous it is to have someone who can love you in return. I will do anything within my reach, just to spend my whole life with you. I love you, my queen.

Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend #2

My Love,
I wish I’m there with you, my damsel. Because being here without you is like celebrating loneliness. The distance is killing me so badly, and if I don’t have you around soon, it’ll give me severe acne — the ache of missing you for a long time. I know that you’re working and striving towards a bright future; that’s why I want you to know that I want the best for you, too. If I have my way, I’ll be right by your side like the pair of trousers you put on — your favorite pair.

I’ll show you the level of how much I really do admire you. I will give you all of me, my whole life and Love — because it was made, prepared for you alone. I can’t wait to hold you tightly in my arms and kiss you when words seem not to be coming forth. I am striving to be the best so we can have the brightest future with each other. With the way our Love is going, the world is likely to watch our Love in surprise and wonder. I love you with everything I was, every bit of what I am and all I’ll ever become.

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love letters
Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend #3

My Pretty Damsel,
I know very well that I can’t survive without a heart. I will never say the word “Goodbye” to you because the Love I have for you will exist until forever. I don’t mind facing whatever difficulty just to ensure that our Love lasts. The happiness which you bring to my life — my soul — can’t be compared to anything else in this world. You make me a happy man. The richest man in the world can’t buy me the kind of happiness which you have shown me. With just a simple hello from that sexy lips of yours, my heart flies away. Your beauty is really complete because it takes all of my breath away. You’re my heart, please don’t go away, because I can’t survive without my heart.

You dig your way into the deepest part of my heart. Now, all I think about is you, my sweetheart. All I want to do — yes this is all I want to do — is: spend every second and minute with my baby — you — forever. Your face is so beautiful, and just so you know, your face has its print at a special spot in my heart. Your Love lives in my heart, because I smile every time, even when you are not close to me. With your Love, baby all the days of my life is worth living. I will never drop your Love, which my heart holds. It makes me comfortable. Your love is my greatest inspiration; it makes me strive to be the best I can be.

Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend #4

 My Happiness,
Your Love is the light which my heart holds. I love you because you are the surest medicine to the pain I feel. I plan to exist until forever with you. Thank you so much for the beautiful Love which you have given to me. Your Love is the nutritious food for my soul; morning, afternoon, and evening — all I need is you, my perfect star. Today, tomorrow and until forever, I vow to give you the full package of happiness which you deserve. You love has always been the light that takes out any darkness in my life.

The thought of you alone brings comfort into my life. And, I will always appreciate the words you speak to me because they bring warmth to the inner part of my soul. I love you.

Long Love Letters For Your Girlfriend #5

My sunshine,
There’s not even an ounce of doubt that my Love is for you and just you. You were there for me when I had nothing — when I had no one around. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like without your warm embrace and touch. Right now, I miss you so much, and I know I’ll be with you real soon — the most significant distance would be that distance between your lips and your nose. I know life has lots of struggle, obstacles, and tough times; but I’m delighted and happy to struggle with you.

Even if anything in this world changes, my Love for you will always be constant; it’ll never change. Instead, it’ll keep growing. Let’s face whatever life has for us, be the best which we can be, and be there for each other. Whenever you need me, just know that I’ll always be here for you. I’ll always want to be a significant part of your dreams and future. I want to love you until the end of time.

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Top 5 Heart-Warming And Long Love Letters For Her

Heart-Warming love letters for her #1

I’m not very good at putting my feelings into words. That’s why I write you in this letter. Since I saw you for the first time, I knew that I wanted to be with you. Whenever we see each other, I can hardly think because you completely confuse my feelings. I spend every spare minute thinking about you. That may sound a little over the top, but it is true. I can not imagine anymore how my life would look like without you.
I hope we will stay together for a long time, because without you I would not know what to do right now. Even though we only know each other for a few months, I know that you are destined for me. I am happy when we see each other again and think of you until then in every free minute.

Heart-Warming love letters for her #2

Hey my heart!
I do not think that you have now expected, or I know it.
I simply wanted to thank you in this way.
Simple for everything.
I know it’s not always easy with me, but still you stay, just give me that and bring me back to reality again and again.
If anything bothers me, you’re the first to know it, and also the one who does not believe me when I say that everything is alright.
What I feel for you is something new, something special!
You are something special!!!
You give me so much love, affection, tenderness & ‘especially the feeling of being important.
Every time I look into your eyes, I can see my future.
A life without you is inconceivable to me.
You are the best, most wonderful, greatest, most brilliant, most perfect thing that could happen to me.
You have left me in your heart and in your life and for that I am more than grateful to you!
I love you so indescribably that there are no words for it.
Even if there were any, they would not nearly describe what I feel for you!
You are my heart, my life, my future.
My hand in yours, FOREVER!

Heart-Warming love letters for her #3

You give one the reason to stare permanently, the eyes can not let go of you.
You can not keep your hands off, even if you want to.
To think of you, to touch you, to watch you laugh are the three most beautiful events that can happen to you.
There is no point in resisting it.
I want you now, in 10 years and even when I’m old and ugly to same.
You made my heart blossom right the first day.
I was searching all the time and now I found you.
There is no better than you and never will be.
I can confirm that to you 100 percent.
As I told you before, it is a privilege to love you but also to be loved by you and I am more than happy that I may be the ones.
Without you, life is meaningless and empty. Like the depth of the sea.
To look in your eyes is like the starry sky.
There is no choice but to look into it.
Your smile you lose in this.
There is no choice but to smile with you.
Your laughter are the most beautiful sounds this world has heard.
There is no choice but to laugh.
Your voice is a unique tune.
There is no choice but to listen.
Your touch is like a soulful dance on the skin.
There is no choice but to enjoy it.
There is no choice but to love you.

Heart-Warming love letters for her #4

I know you are modest and always embarrassed when complimented, but you are just beautiful. When your hair blows in the wind, your eyes are beaming, and your nose is kissed by the sun, and that’s why it’s so cute, then every time I wonder if you’re not an angel on earth.
Listening to your voice always gives me goose bumps, especially in the moments when you pay attention to me alone. If you’re happy, then I have to smile all the time and get infected by your good mood. I do not know how you do that, but you always enchant me again and again. No matter what, if I know I’ll see you, then the day will be fine. You are my sun. For you, I like to get up every day, just to see you shine so beautifully.

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Love Letters For Her
Heart-Warming love letters for her #5

I remember our first day as if it were yesterday! When I saw you … When we met for the first time How did we kiss the first time … These days were the way to the future with you, the love has been burning in me since then, to you, Aileen! Do not tell you how happy I am to have you. It’s amazing that I could stand it without you for so long. I never thought possible that there is anyone like you. Someone who is as sweet, tender, and understanding as you are. I have never before given God something. But today and for all eternity, I hope that our time together never comes to an end and that in 60 years’ time we will still wake up next to each other, looking at each other in the eye and telling each other how much we both love each other. I have thought a lot about how it came about that we both know each other and have learned to love each other. An accident? I wondered why we have so much in common. An accident? NO. I do not believe in coincidences and especially when there are so many. But then what is it? Fate? Providence of God? I do not know but I know that you are the only person in my life and will ever be whom I love more than anything I have. As everything that is dear to me … yes I love you even more than my own life. How crazy I will be if you are not there. How indignant when you step through the door. How willingly, when you kiss me ….As sunken when I look into your eyes …. How confused if you look at me seriously … I’ve never been so sure to love someone from the depths of my soul as I am with you. But your voice makes me feel hot and cold down my spine. You are my star on the darkest night. You are my sun on the rainiest day. You are my great true love This incredibly beautiful feeling to miss you so much that I just want to be with you. The wait when we’ll see each other again Finally standing in front of you again. To be able to look into your eyes and just cuddle up to you. To seek and find shelter. You who are just there and my wounds of the past once more heal faster. When we met for the first time your smile never let go. When I saw you the second time my heart jumped and I got scared. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. I sat in my room and a tear flowed down my cheek as I realized I was falling in love with you and fell in love Not because I was sad about it but because I was afraid to lose control of my heart again. I know my dream has come true. Because this dream Aileen is YOU. When I see your face in front of my eyes the thought of you makes me smile. The idea that you hold my hand makes me float. The longing for a hug from you makes my heart race The dream to kiss you … to kiss !!! The dream of kissing makes me shudder The thought of you makes me strong. Aileen, I feel that way because I LOVE YOU. Yes, I love you. I do not know how it could happen actually I have always thought of myself that I could not really fall in love but now it happened and I can not change it. No matter how many lines I write to you now, what I feel for you that can not be put into words. I LOVE YOU!!!! I love you about all sweetheart and I need you. You and your love. For almost 4 years you have been giving me the feeling that you are truly being truly loved. I never want to let you go again! From a woman like you I always dreamed and now almost 4 years ago I found my dream wife. It is only almost 4 years but in these 4 years, I have experienced so many beautiful things so many beautiful hours with you. And I really NEVER want to lose you again … With these words, I can not express my feelings because there are no words for that. I am grateful to you for every hour and minute that we have spent together. And there will be many more because I will never give you back. I am always looking forward to our common evenings because it is so beautiful your closeness and warmth to feel your caresses and kisses. You tell me such scary loving things as no one has told me until I met you. I’m so happy to get compliments from you so it makes me very happy. and all I want is YOU! and I want us to be happy together Aileen.


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